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How to choose living room lighting

18 / Jul 2022

Home Lighting Tips


The living room is a great space for many of us to relax and unwind, and when it comes to lighting this room we want to create a cosy atmosphere with lights that we absolutely love. Here are a few tips that could help you find the perfect living room lighting!

Modern or traditional sitting room lighting?

Traditional lighting in the living room can add to the cosy, rustic feel of the space while providing a fantastic talking point when relaxing with guests.

A beautiful, hand-restored antique chandelier can be the perfect central point for a living room. Pair with some unique antique wall sconces to layer the light and add interesting depth to the space. 

An issue that some people encounter with antique lighting is that they are hard to come by, which will limit your options. Finding the light that perfectly encapsulates what you are looking for, for your living room, will be a little harder than with contemporary lighting.

Modern lighting is more accessible and the options are far greater. If the space you are lighting is more current in style Fritz Fryer range of contemporary lighting would be a great addition to your living room. 

For a central focal point, if the room includes adequate ceiling height, a little 3-way Hereford dish cluster chandelier could bring a modern flare to your sitting room. Cluster chandeliers are beautiful to look and are practical in that they provide more lighting from a single electrical point, which is a great solution if you are unable to include wall lighting.

The classic wall light is a contemporary light with a nod to traditional lighting. With four standard pongee silk shade options to choose from, this versatile wall light is a must-have for a cosy living room, traditional or modern. Here at Fritz Fryer we also offer bespoke silk shade options, which can be added by contacting a member of our team.

Love the look of antique but enjoy the choice offered by contemporary? Lights such as the Hay Coolie and Retro Cafe Lamp have the vibe of an antique, with the versatility of modern lighting.

Pair a Hereford globe shade with an antique brass contemporary wall light for traditional-looking wall lighting.


Metal finishes

Metal finishes can make a huge difference to the space. Antique brass metal finished lights are a fantastic addition to rustic feeling living rooms, such as in barn conversions with exposed beams. 

Bright and modern homes look best with nickel metal finished lighting - the silver-look of this finish compliments the contemporary look of a stylish modern space.

As a rule of thumb we recommend that you match your metal finishes with the hardware in your room, so as not to create jarring contrasts throughout the room.


What size is your living room?

For larger sized living rooms it is great idea to line the walls with either antique or contemporary wall lights to support your central focal piece, and create depth.

Larger sitting rooms may include greater ceiling height, which could make a singular pendant light look a little lost. Introducing a modern cluster chandelier will fill the space and add more light to the room, while providing a little ‘wow’ factor.

Crystal chandeliers are a beautiful and interesting focal point for a larger room. An ornate antique crystal chandelier that has been lovingly hand-restored by Fritz Fryer’s antique restoration team will add character and delicate beauty to the centre of the space. 

We haven't forgotten smaller spaces, they too can enjoy a pretty crystal chandelier. Fritz’s range of modern chandeliers come in four sizes (S, L, XL, XXL), so choosing a fitting which best suits your room is easy.


What brightness bulbs for my living room?

The living room is a space of relaxation and a place to unwind, and your lighting should enhance this atmosphere. Adding dimmable bulbs to any of our lights allows your to adjust the brightness of the bulb to fit the mood. The cosying down to watch your favourite series, turn the lights low and relax. When chatting or reading the bulbs can be turned brighter. 

All of the bulbs included with Fritz Fryer’s lighting are good quality LED bulbs.


Living room lighting tips from an expert

“Introduce table lamps to the room! Table lamps are fantastic for creating a cosy atmosphere. If you are in the early planning stages of a build, and you have the option to, add a 5amp circuit to the room which will elevate them from simply table lamps, to part of the lighting scheme”

Wall lights and picture lights add layers of light to the room, further encouraging a warm and calming environment.”

“Including lighting with a colour temperature of 2700k will keep the living room feeling warmer and more inviting” 

- Director & Designer, Simon Wallis-Smith


Still a little stuck?  Book a one on one appointment with one of our lighting consultants and get customised expert advise on lighting your living room.

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