How to choose a style of lighting?

Material can greatly influence the overall style of your lighting. For example, polished chrome and stainless steel offer a contemporary look, while antique brass and bronze give a more traditional feel. Glass fixtures create a sense of elegance, while rattan shades add a touch of rustic charm. Thinking carefully about the materials you choose for your lighting styles will enhance the design of your space and help create a cohesive look.

Shape can be used as part of your lighting style to complement your space. Round and globe lights provide a diffused glow, which is ideal if you are looking to create a cosy atmosphere. While liner and bar lights offer direct illumination, which is perfect over kitchen islands and dining tables. When considering lighting styles, don’t forget that playing with shape can be used to enhance the spatial elements of your home or business.  For example elongated pendants in a narrow hallway will accentuate the shape of the space, but a cluster of globe lights can have a contrasting effect.

Selecting a fitting of a specific historical period can help you create a coherent space. By familiarising yourself with the history of your home or building, you can choose lighting that reflects the period, or that forms a contrast. For instance, if you live in a Victorian house, a chandelier can evoke a sense of historic charm.

However, using an ornate Victorian light in a clean contemporary design can make a superb feature, just like a stunning piece of artwork, but adding another level of light to your space at the same time.

Paying attention to the period of your space will help to add a level of authenticity to your interior design.

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