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Lighting doesn’t need to be boring and simply just a solution to a problem. Lighting can be a great feature, memorable and fun. Cluster chandeliers are a beautiful and creative way to include lighting in your home.

What is a bespoke cluster chandelier?

A cluster chandelier is a lighting fixture that consists of several pendant lights which create one larger piece. These pendant lights may be varying shade sizes and flex cable lengths.

Installing a bespoke cluster chandelier can be a unique way to showcase your style and include a creative light installation which is unlike anyone else’s.


How many pendants can I have in a cluster chandelier?

While there is no actual limit to how many pendant lights you can include in your bespoke cluster chandelier, for each type of cluster chandelier we have a number of pendant lights that are most commonly requested. For a bespoke dish cluster chandelier, customers usually ask for around nineteen pendants. A staggered cluster chandelier typically includes fifteen cluster pendant lights, while a staged consists of anywhere from nine to twenty-five.

The smallest cluster can be just three pendants and one of our largest cluster pendant chandeliers has included over 30!


What is the minimum ceiling height to be able to install a cluster chandelier?

Our smallest cluster chandelier, the 3 way dish cluster, is recommended for a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m. This will allow enough room to walk freely beneath your ceiling lights, without banging your head!


Is a cluster chandelier expensive?

The price of a bespoke cluster chandelier is really dependent on the size and glass type the customer wishes to include in their bespoke lighting feature. The price for the smallest bespoke cluster chandeliers, a 3 way cluster, starts at £435.


Where are the cluster chandeliers made?

Every cluster chandelier is handmade in our onsite workshop, by our skilled craftsmen. Each light is made to order, so your flex cable and metal finish is completely custom to you!


What is a Fritz Fryer cluster chandelier made of? 

The shades are mouth blown borosilicate glass, the cable is braided twist flex and the metal components are hand finished onsite and made from brass.


How do I clean a cluster chandelier?  

Before starting any cleaning process ensure that the light is off at the mains. The borosilicate glass shades can be removed and washed in warm soapy water or even put in the dishwasher. Alternatively, a fine dusting cloth can be used.


How long does it take to get my cluster chandelier? 

Each cluster chandelier is a completely bespoke design which will affect the time it will take to receive it. The typical lead time for a our cluster chandeliers are 6 - 8 weeks from date of payment.


Where can a cluster chandelier hang?

Cluster chandeliers are perfect for a wide variety of spaces. The staggered option makes a great piece for illuminating a staircase from top to bottom. The varying heights of lengths of the pendants in a staggered cluster chandelier can easily light the large empty space of a stairwell. 

Dish cluster chandeliers are a popular option for lighting a dining table or kitchen island. With only one electrical point needed it's a great way of introducing plenty of light into the room through a singular point of electricity. 

Not all cluster chandeliers have to be big! Even the smaller cluster chandeliers make a huge impact on a room. A dainty three-way cluster makes a lovely bedroom light, as well as an eye-catching living room feature piece. 


If you would like to discuss how cluster chandeliers can fit into your lighting design ambitions, feel free to get in touch with us today either by giving us a call or an email.

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