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We understand that everyone has their own personal preferences. With our flexible approach, you can navigate our selection in a way that suits you. Whether you prefer to browse by type, location, style, period or collection, find the perfect lighting for your space.


We believe that the right lighting can transform a house into a home. In living rooms, soft lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere. In kitchens, task lighting can provide a bright work area. In bedrooms, dimmable lighting can help with drifting off to sleep. By carefully considering the type, placement and intensity of your lighting, you can create a home that is both comfortable and functional.

This Fritz Fryer Upton ribbed glass pendant light was modified for this client to make a bespoke wall light


We understand that lighting in commercial spaces can have an impact on employees and customers. In office environments, focused lighting can increase productivity. In retail settings, strategic lighting can highlight products. In restaurants, cafés and bars, soft lighting can contribute to the overall experience of customers. With a combination of lighting types, you can elevate your space, influence your customers and enhance your brand identity.

The Woolfox in Leicestershire know that lighting a commercial space can make or break the scheme. Featured here are mirrors in a gym that form part of the lighting scheme design created by Fritz Fryer


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