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From large, elaborate pieces that are sure to wow, to smaller crystal chandeliers that will add a touch of glamour to your home.


From antique traditional crystal chandeliers to modern crystal chandelier designs, we have a wide variety of designs to choose from! There's something for every kind of crystal drop chandelier lover - understated or bold.

From large, elaborate pieces that are sure to wow, to smaller crystal chandeliers that will add a touch of glamour to your home.

What is a crystal chandelier?

Crystal chandeliers are a chandelier light adorned with many, or few crystals and droplets. The glass of a crystal chandelier contains lead crystal oxide, which causes the crystals to refract light in a way that is far more brilliant to look at than the usual glass found in windows or for drinking. The beautiful and elaborate details of modern and antique crystals can add a touch of luxury to a home and wow guests.

How to clean a chandelier?

The beauty of a chandelier lies, in part, with the gorgeous sparkle that is created when light is refracted through the clear crystals. Unfortunately, a layer of dust may dull this sparkle, which can only be solved with a good clean. 

Dusting your chandelier regularly with a soft cloth is a sufficient way to keep back the dust. Alternatively, a pair of jewellery handling gloves work great to clean your lead crystal droplets. We recommend that you do not use abrasive cleaning products on your light fixture, as this may damage the finish of your chandelier.

For more information on cleaning crystal chandeliers, check out our blog.

Are chandeliers in style?

Chandeliers will always be in style, because catching the attention of guests and creating the best first impression is important. This can be achieved by adding a touch of glamour to your space, with a chandelier; modern or antique. The option to customise the flex cable colour and the metal finish means you will always stay on trend.

How are they installed and suspended?

Typically ceiling lights are suspended from a chain, which hangs at the centre of a decorative ceiling rose. The ceiling rose, which will take the weight of the chandelier, needs to be fixed to a secure and strong spot in the ceiling preferably where there is a joist or a noggin. Heavier lights will need extra support to hang safely from the ceiling, which may require an additional fixing to be added to the ceiling void.

Crystal drop chandeliers for bedrooms

A delicate crystal drop chandelier makes a gorgeous focal point for a bedroom, as well as offering plenty of light. You'll also have the option to choose the size of drop you need, which means that they will fit almost any bedroom space, big or small. The Marcle crystal chandelier is a great bedroom lighting fixture.

A traditional style bedroom looks incredible with the addition of an antique chandelier, such as gorgeous French chandelier, that features French slab droplets and French pear droplets.

Crystal drop chandeliers for the dining room

Looking for the fine dining experience? A luxurious chandelier is just the way to achieve that. With their crystal adornments, they are a great way to set the atmosphere for an unforgettable dining experience. 

A dining room tends to be a larger space and finding lighting that illuminates the whole space including the dining room table sufficiently may be the job for a large chandelier. Chandeliers with more arms have more light bulbs, meaning they light a much greater space.

Crystal drop chandeliers for living rooms

The living space is a very busy part of the house when it comes to guests, so lighting it properly is very important. The popular living room trend at the moment is definitely clean, bright spaces, giving way to the heightened popularity of crystal design. 

Featuring a chandelier adds a focal point to the room, as well as providing ample lighting for your living room. Include a grand antique chandelier or a more delicate modern chandelier, depending on your particular preference, both look fantastic in this room.

Chandeliers for high ceilings

Crystal chandeliers are perfect for a room with high ceilings (and lower ceilings too!). The ability to walk beneath them and safely admire the details of the crystal droplets from a different angle really makes for a great lighting experience. Our range of antique and modern lights can be supplied with as much chain and flex cable as needed, to meet even the highest of ceilings. 

Crystal chandeliers for the bathroom

The bathroom is often forgotten when it comes to adding glamour and luxury. However, here at Fritz Fryer we offer a handmade, bathroom-safe chandeliers light- the Brampton. Our collection of IP 44 bathroom lights are suitable for use in zone 2 of the bathroom. All our lights are handmade to order, with the option to completely tailor the light to your specifications.

For more information about IP ratings, check out our blog.

Why are chandeliers so expensive?

We don't supply off-the-shelf lighting. Browsing our antique chandelier collection, those available are usually one-off pieces that have been hand restored and rewired by our skilled craftsmen, in our onsite workshop. Furthermore, our modern chandeliers are completely made to order, created to your specifications. The one off nature of both options does have an effect on pricing, making them slightly more expensive. However, they are definitely worth every penny, never failing to be a showstopper.

Can you replace crystal droplets?

Crystal droplets may occasionally break, due to their delicate nature. Here at Fritz Fryer, we are confident in our extensive crystal knowledge and can almost always source and replace the exact right crystal droplet for your chandelier. If you would like advice on sourcing parts or restoration for your crystal chandelier, head over to our contact us page, or call us on 01989 567416.

Where can I get a modern crystal chandelier?

We offer a selection of crystal drop & bag modern chandeliers, which are available to order, each with the option of four metal finishes, four styles and 21 different flex colour options. Our made-to-order lights are completely handmade in our onsite workshop, in Hereford.

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