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Meet the bespoke design team

27 / Jun 2022

Bespoke Lighting Design


Fritz Fryer’s bespoke lighting design service allows your imagination to come to life. It is also a great way to overcome challenges that can be posed by interesting and unique spaces, such as sloped ceilings, extra large ceiling heights, or minimal space. To be able to entrust Fritz Fryer with your bespoke design project it is a great idea to get to know the team behind each and every custom made light. So let’s get to know a little more about Rich, Millie and Simon.



Rich has been designing at Fritz Fryer for two years and is our resident specialist in 3D design. To create his beautiful bespoke designs Rich is extremely fond of using 3D software, such as Solidworks, as he finds it much easier and faster than pen and paper. His favourite aspect of designing lighting is the learning, understanding, developing and completing of a bespoke product. For Rich, nearly every project introduces a new challenge that requires a great understanding of the new components involved.

Click here to see Rich’s favourite bespoke project.

Bespoke Lighting Designer Richard



Our youngest designer, Millie, has also been with us for 2 years. She is responsible for the design of our most recent light, the Adjustable Table Lamp, which she was able to watch grow from an initial pen and pencil sketch, to a prototype, and finally to the real thing! Pen and pencil is Millie’s favourite way to design, in part due to her artistic background, however she does occasionally enjoy creating 3D versions. The thrill of lighting design, for Millie, comes from seeing the end result - being able to see her creation be brought to life in the home of a customer.

Click here to see Millie’s favourite bespoke project.

Bespoke Lighting Designer Millie



Director at Fritz Fryer, Simon, has been designing lighting for 17 years. He takes inspiration from fine quality industrial engineering and detailed items such as watches and clocks. Simon loves to design “the old fashioned way”, using pen and paper, but he also enjoys working closely with Millie and Rich to model the designs in Solidworks. The designing, and subsequently tangible, process is extremely fulfilling for Simon. Starting with outlines of ideas, drawing a concept, and steering the process through a set of technical drawings and onto the finished product is his favourite why he loves bespoke design, as well as overcoming challenges to create the perfect piece for a client.

Click here to see Simon’s favourite bespoke project.

Bespoke Lighting Designer Simon


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Bespoke project highlights

A selection of just a few unforgettable bespoke lighting projects that Fritz Fryer have previously worked on:

Bespoke bathroom light

This unique bathroom chandelier was bespoke designed by Richard, and included 64 opal tubes of varying sizes in a sleek black ring tray.


Bespoke light made of bike parts for E Bike showroom 

Using actual bike parts our team created multiple unforgettable and unique feature lighting pieces, with LED strips placed inside real bike tyres.


Bespoke stairwell cluster chandelier

The area that this stunning cluster chandelier needed to light was a three floor atrium. Using 24 Hereford pendant lights, our team were able to design a stunning custom chandelier that was visible from all three floors.

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