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We work on a wide variety of bespoke, custom design lighting projects, from traditional lights to the more bizarre. Whether recreating a classic design or one which has only ever existed in your mind, we'd love the opportunity to discuss it with you.





dish cluster chandelier

A bespoke dish cluster chandelier can be made up of as many pendant lights as you would like. Typically we would advise from 3 lights all the way up to 19 lights. The overall design forms a bowl or dish shape, with all the lights hanging at the same height. 




staggered lights

The staggered cluster chandelier again contains your chosen number of pendant lights, we usually recommend anything from 3 lights right up to 15 lights, these are arranged to hang all at different heights.





staged chandeliers

Staged cluster chandeliers are arranged in a formation across a stainless steel plate, the lights are suspended across this plate at a variety of heights.




Custom bar

custom bar design

This is typically made up of 3 lights, suspended from a singular bar. It is a great feature over a kitchen island or dining table. 




The design doesn't stop there...

Our skilled craftsmen relish in the challenge offered by bespoke lighting design and making custom chandeliers.

Below are just some of the designer lights we have designed for people, which include lanterns, chandeliers (traditional, contemporary and bizarre!) Industrial style lights, kitchen and cafe lights.

fritz fryer projects and designs


3D modelling

We can provide you with a 3D model of your design idea, which is a great way to help you understand exactly what you are ordering for your space.


FAQ’s for Bespoke Light Fittings


What is bespoke lighting? 

Bespoke lighting is tailor-made for you. It is not off the shelf and is unique to your style. All of the bespoke lighting here at Fritz Fryer, is handmade in our Herefordshire workshop. If you’re searching for a lighting design that is made to your specifications that will fit your home perfectly, bespoke is the way to go.


What is the best lighting for your home?

An important factor to consider when thinking about your lighting ideas and deciding on the perfect bespoke lighting for your home is the ceiling height. 

  • For a low ceiling, we would suggest a dish cluster chandelier. This is because the lights are arranged to be all the same height, meaning you need less of a drop to achieve the beautiful chandelier design.
  • For stairwell lighting, consider a Staggered chandelier. The multiple levels of the lights included in this bespoke light design need a larger drop, to get the full effect. 
  • If a central feature point is what you are after and ceiling height is not an issue, a Staged cluster chandelier is perfect for you.
  • All of our bespoke lighting designs are completely customisable when it comes to the length of the cable they are suspended from. Low or high ceilings, there’s a bespoke light for you.


How to choose your bespoke lighting?

Being indecisive is not a drawback for you, here at Fritz, and you don't need to be an interior designer to do it. By requesting a sample pack here, you will get your hands on samples of our metal finishes and flex cable colours. This might make it a little easier to decide.

Contact us and speak to our team! We love to discuss your ideas for your bespoke lighting and help you turn that into a reality.

fritz fryer pendant lights

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