Inspired by the complex mechanisms of timekeeping and the fascination of the intricate motion of clockwork, his obsession with carefully engineered objects provided the foundation for Simon’s next project – the Grafton Globe.

Around 1704 English clock makers George Graham and Thomas Tompion built the first modern Orrery; a mechanical model of the solar system. Run by clockwork the model showed how the planets moved around the sun as time passed. Learn the intricacies of the Orrery by watching the video below courtesy of History of Science Museum

Simon took direct inspiration from the Orrery for the Grafton Globe. The internal framework of the light is an exceptionally strong structure known as a hexagonal bar, this brass spherical construction forms the casing much like the brass rings and hoops (that represent the equator and other celestial circles) also known as the ‘armillary’ that surrounds the planets of the Orrery.

Sitting centrally within the Grafton globe is a glass flat disc, this would be called the ‘Ecliptic Plane’ of the Orrery and would usually have been engraved with the days of the year and the zodiac, also known as a calendar ring.
On the Grafton this internal disc has been frosted on the upper side and polished on the underside and rim, providing a conduit for the light to allow refraction. The letters FF have been blocked out to remain clear on the upper side of the disc. This fine detail is a reminder that Fritz Fryer products are designed and made to look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside. The glass disc could also be likened to the ring that surrounds Saturn, with theLED midi globe the body of the planet.
Whichever way you look at it, Grafton Globe presents itself as an extraordinary luminaire.

The various types of glass bring their own qualities to the design; the smoked glass accentuates the internal frosted horizontal disc. Within the white glass the hex bar profile is subtly seen like a cast shadow and the rim of the disc glows a light aqua. The skinny ribbed glass teases the eye as it slightly distorts the skeleton of The Grafton, but allows enough of the detail to be seen if you look closely. The clear glass celebrates every feature of the light including the filament of the LED lamp inside. The ribbed glass is elegant and adds another dimension to this sphere and the internal aspects are still visible. If you wish, you can choose 2 different types of glass as the top and bottom are separate domes and come together to make the globe – You could design your own planet!

With a choice of 4 metal finishes, Antique BrassBronzeNickel and Polished Brass all with many colours of flex to choose from, this light is fully customisable. Although the structure of the Grafton does not change, the style can; from industrial to Retro or contemporary it is surprising how different the globe can look depending on the choice and combination of glass you opt for. The principal components have been especially made for the globe and have been hand finished in our workshop.

Pictured above:

IP44 rated Grafton globe, suitable for bathroom use in zone 2

Ever mindful we endeavour to be a sustainable company, respecting our planet and the future generations is immensely important to us. Our quality products are made to last, we do not use plastic components and we are ambassadors of quality made LED light bulbs, associating ourselves with a company who have a strong moral and ethical policy.

We are so excited to launch our Grafton Globe into the world!