Custom lighting for restaurant in USA



Fritz Fryer were approached by the interior design company  Assembly Design Studio, and tasked with lighting an incredible new restaurant in the USA. Prima has a distinct style, and the interior design provides an inviting atmosphere; therefore, the lighting would need to enhance the already established theme.

Assembly Design Studio requested custom banquette lighting for illuminating dining tables, and table lamps to fit the ambiance of the bar.

Custom table and banquette lamps featured in Prima restaurant


The Project

After receiving reference images from the interior designers, our bespoke design team began designing table lamps that would proudly sit on the bar of Prima restaurant. As this is an area where the lamps are likely to be knocked, they would need to be special bar lights which would be connected to the bar itself. 

In keeping with the warm interior, the lamps were designed to be made of a dark, turned tulip wood, a UL approved material. Not only is this material safe for USA lighting standards, it also mirrors the atmosphere of the restaurant.

To create the retro-looking shades, the design team icorporated parchment, which would emit lower light levels and create a more intimate feel.

The initial designs for the custom banquette lamps were predominantly done by our head lighting designer. In order to minimize shipping costs, the custom lighting design incorporated a way of deconstructing the light into three pieces less than 1m long. Each section also featured a neat channel within it, which was accurately measured to allow the cable to sit within and run down the lamps once they had been assembled.

The customer, with a specific style in mind for the project, wanted our designs to reflect this. Our 3D designer proposed style ideas and created a bespoke fabric shade that would be in proportion to the bases and not look out of place. After finalizing the designs with the interior designer, we sent the 3D models to our dedicated fabric shade supplier for crafting the custom shades.

The high-quality, sturdy lamps were constructed from steel and brass, combined with a custom fabric shade, and hand-finished to match the table lamps installed in the restaurant. Each one came complete with an E26 lampholder and was wired with a US two pin plug.

Custom table lamps featured in Prima restaurant

Lighting for USA

Here at Fritz Fryer, we can convert almost all of our antique and contemporary lighting collections with UL certified components. We can also create custom light fittings using these components, allowing homes and commercial spaces in America to enjoy custom stylish lighting pieces designed just for them.

Multiple custom table lamps featured in Prima restaurant

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