Explore this fantastic Border Oak property that is packed full of our Contemporary lighting collection. This new build showcased a huge selection of modern industrial fittings throughout. These had been recommended by our very own lighting designers to accentuate the atmosphere of the space.

This residential project took place in our local Herefordshire area, in the pretty countryside parish of Bridstow. Built from the ground up, this space was in need of some fantastic lighting to compliment the beautiful home that Border Oak had created.

Lighting designers Simon & Millie began the lighting consultancy by visiting the building site, this is where they began mapping out which lighting they thought would compliment each room best. Using both their knowledge and experience, Simon & Millie were able to envision how each light would help enhance the room, both functionally and aesthetically.


The light and airy open plan kitchen space had a lot of potential and lot of natural light, which is why simple light fittings were selected to illuminate this space. The kitchen island features 3 eye-catching XL Ledbury pendants.

The skinny ribbed finish was chosen to make it stand out from the substantial clear glass panelling on the opposite end of the kitchen/lounge area. Paired with a nickel metal finish, it tied in nicely with the Neptune kitchen hardware on the cupboards and island. The XL size of the skinny ribbed glass Ledbury shades were the perfect fit for this modern kitchen, creating a bold and unforgettable central focus in the space.

The ever popular choice of three pendant lights over the kitchen island, was supported by simple yet fashionable contemporary wall lights with skinny ribbed Ledbury shades,which were situated either side of the kitchen, at the darker ends of the room.

The adjoining bright sitting area features floor to ceiling bi-fold glass doors, and therefore did not need much additional lighting – just enough to create an inviting atmosphere in the evenings. The Pongees silk shade on our classic wall light add some texture during the brighter days, but also cast a lovely warm glow on the walls in the evenings.


The snug area is at the heart of the home and features a fireplace, with a naturally a cosy feel. The walls were lined with classic wall lights, which include a gold lining within the silk shade that, when lit, emit a lovely warm glow onto the walls, which is a fantastic way to contribute to the overall cosy feel of the space.


The office features an iconic Aston lantern. Ultimately there wasn’t much lighting expertise that went in to recommending this light, other than that the client falling in love with the design. The office is a smaller room, and therefore only required one pendant, and the steampunk aesthetic of the Aston Lantern really suited the space’s style.


When lighting the hallways, our design team suggested the ribbed glass Upton contemporary wall lights in a bronze metal finish. The Upton is often suggested for hallways as they are typically a high traffic area, the fluted glass shade combined with our contemporary wall light offers a smaller projection, making it perfect for walkways.


This naturally bright and fresh stairwell was the ideal space for a bespoke feature piece. It is the area where first impressions are made when entering the house, and can also be seen from various places when outside of the home. Although the space was provided with ample light from the skylights and large windows, during the evenings and darker months the installation here would need to provide light throughout the entire stairwell, and look great from every angle.

Considering the obvious issue of the skylights and vaulted ceiling, bespoke lighting seemed the obvious answer to this challenge. The design team measured the floor to ceiling height and created an innovative way to suspend this eye catching feature piece. They opted for a custom 9 way frame to hold the individual pendants and spaced them out evenly throughout the space, ensuring, the shades did not overlap or hit one another. The plate was then suspended from high tensile wire that allowed it to hang level from the vaulted ceiling, while allowing light from gorgeous skylight to flow through the frame.

This 9-way staged cluster chandelier features both clear and ribbed Hereford glass shades and is the perfect elegant feature for this contemporary home.


The master bedroom was meticulously thought out to create a space-efficient and stylish space. To achieve this, the Fritz Fryer design team suggested two skinny ribbed Hereford pendants were installed and hung either side of the bed, meaning they not only worked as pretty reading lights but freed up bedside table space.

These were complimented with skinny ribbed Ledbury swan neck wall lights on the opposing wall. These were put on a separate circuit and can be controlled from either side of the bed, to adjust the light as desired.


Clear glass Hereford contemporary bathroom wall lights were included in the en-suite adjoining the master bedroom, to allow a consistency of the lighting from room to room. The IP44 rated contemporary Hereford was selected with a clear glass globe to compliment the sleek and clean look and feel of the modern en suite bathroom.


On the far end of the beautiful oak framed building, this bedroom was a very light and airy space, featuring a Juliet balcony and plenty of the exposed Oak beamed structure. The lighting in this space needed to be practical and work well within the space, whilst not being over powering. A singular XL ribbed Hereford pendant light was selected to hang in the centre of the bedroom. This large glass globe created an interesting central focus, filling up the space without distracting from the beautiful views through the balcony windows.

The walls were lined with simple industrial wall lights in a bronze metal finish. These completed the task of illuminating the walkway to the door and the bronze metal finish complimented the natural exposed beams.

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