The Alton pillar light looks very unlike anything Fritz Fryer has designed before. Amongst our contemporary collections, made specifically to fit seamlessly into the private home, the Alton certainly stands out. It’s large, breathtaking tubes lit with LED strips create a light ideal for use in commercial interiors such as hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars.

Why does the Alton pillar collection make such great commercial lighting?

Firstly, the Alton is big! A lot of commercial interiors, like bars, restaurants and hotels, have a larger area to fill with beautiful lighting. The largest Alton fitting is over a metre tall, while the smallest is around 50cm; which is large enough to make an impact but still compact enough to fit into private spaces. It is extremely practical for commercial interiors and can come as a pendant light, wall light and a cluster chandelier; all completely illuminated by LED tape, making it extremely efficient and most importantly – when considering lighting big spaces – bright!

For hotel reception areas, an Alton pendant suspended horizontally over a desk makes an eye-catching welcome for guests as they enter. A large stairwell can be lit brilliantly by an Alton cluster chandelier in a staggered formation, and restaurants and bars are provided practical and beautiful lighting by a medium pendant.

The Alton can be customised to suit the space, with a choice of four standard metal finishes, a large choice of flex cable colours, and the total look and feel of the light can be changed through the bespoke lining inside of the tubes, with silk liners or brass mesh.

Designing the Alton pillar light

The process of designing the Alton was a group effort which started as a simple sketch on paper, then completed and brought to life by the Fritz Fryer 3D design team. Constructing a light that would effectively illuminate a commercial space required the team to think outside of the box, and think big!

Inspired by a bespoke design project where milk tubes from a dairy farm were used to create a cluster chandelier, the Alton features four glass tubes. This presented the challenge how to light these cool-looking, large glass tubes. There really aren’t bulbs long enough to light tubes of the scale that the team were looking to incorporate. That’s where the idea of using LED tape came along. Offering a whopping 840 lumens per meter, the Alton provides plenty of light which is perfect for those larger commercial spaces!

Launching the Alton pillar light

What better place to launch the Alton pillar light than at the largest hotel interiors exhibition in London. The show-stopping Alton made its debut and caught the attention of many as they explored HIX 2022! We showcased a floor to ceiling cluster chandelier and lined the walls with large Pillar wall lights. We definitely were the certainly the brightest stand on the block!

The pillar light technical bits

LIGHT OUTPUT (Lumens per metre) COLOUR TEMP  (Kelvins)           POWER              (Watts per metre) BEAM ANGLE  (Degrees)
Warm white (Standard) 840 2400 – 3000 10 120
Neutral White 900 4000 10 120
Pure White 960 6000 10 120


  • Requires a remote driver
    • 50,000 hours life
    • DALI dimmable
    • Emergency lighting available upon request
  • IP rating
    • IP20 – Standard
    • IP44 – Available on request – Suitable for use in zone 2 of a bathroom
    • IP65 – Available on request – Suitable for use in zone 1 of a bathroom or outdoor
  • Other options such as safety glass or acrylic are available upon request