Forest Hills Golf Club, one of Gloucestershire’s most prestigious golf courses, sits amongst the picturesque scenery of the Forest of Dean. A number of tournaments are held at Forest Hills Golf Club, which is recognized by the PGA, attracting players from nearby counties such as Monmouthshire and Herefordshire.

Our sales team were approached by an interior designer who had been hired to renovate the golf course’s clubhouse and had envisioned the space in a rustic, natural way. We were asked to provide lighting that would complement the clubhouse’s atmosphere. Fritz Fryer was tasked with lighting the public bar and function area as well as the members-only area, using a selection of our handmade fittings.


For the downstairs area, the public bar/function room, the brief detailed a natural feel with references to golf incorporated within the lighting. The team had the vision to include 13 white glass Hereford globe pendant lights to line the the bar. This would create beautiful, warm lighting, while subtly subtly incorporating the golf theme through the golf ball-looking white globes. The white glass globes were combined with Forest Green coloured flex cables to be in keeping with the natural feel that was requested within the brief. 

The walls of the downstairs areas were lined with 15 white glass Upton contemporary wall lights, which are a firm favourite of the Fritz Fryer contemporary collection, to incorporate the white from the Hereford globes throughout the space and create a cohesive lighting story.


Upstairs, in the members only area, there was a slightly different brief; to incorporate the beauty of the local area. Fritz Fryer’s handmade wicker pendant lights’ natural characteristics complement the natural woodland beauty of the Forest of Dean, where the golf course is located, perfectly. 9 wicker pendant lights were installed to line the bar area. These willow lights were able to bring the beauty of nature inside, and the customers loved the sustainable nature of the Wicker pendant light. Each Wicker pendant light has been hand woven by expert basket weavers, using willow that has been grown in English wetlands. The Wellington wicker pendant is made without harsh chemicals or dyes. It is made entirely from natural materials, which is in line with the Forest Hills project’s environmental ethos.

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