At times like these, we all need to come together and support one another, so we reached out to local designer, and TV star, Verity Coleman, the founder of Rascal and Roses. To help understand what makes her such a great inspiration and interior designer, we put a few questions to her.

Take a look at Verity’s response below for some design tips, the Rascal & Roses way …

Q. Verity, give us a short description of what you do?

A. I am the founder and lead designer at Rascal & Roses, an interior design studio based in Herefordshire with clients all over London and the UK. We have an amazing team of talented seamstresses in our in-house workshop where all our soft furnishings and window dressings are made.  We work with both residential and commercial clients and specialise in school interior design.

Q. Can you give us your top five interior tips for those of us renovating at home?

1. Colour
A. For me, colour is the key to all interiors as it has the single biggest impact on any space. My tip for using colour is to start with your favourite colour as the cornerstone for your scheme and build a more muted pallet around it. That way your room will be balanced.

2. Texture
A. I find using a combination of textures really helps make a space comfortable and cosy. If you don’t use enough texture you can end up with quite a sterile environment. There are always opportunities to use texture; walls, floors, lamps, cushions – the key is to try and layer them up.

3. Light
This has a huge effect on colour and consequently how a room feels. We will always try and use different types of light to allow for maximum flexibility. Try using standard lamps and table lamps along side ceiling lighting, it will really make a big difference.

4. Pattern
I love to use patterns with colour, but there is a balance and I find if you are going bright in a room you may want to balance this with less pattern. Alternatively if the colour pallet is more muted or subtle, bringing in pattern is a great way to add interest.

5. Eco
As an interior designer I have to be very conscious of the environmental impact of my job, it is at the centre of all our projects.  We always encourage clients to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. We work with craftspeople across the UK that make items from scratch, using quality materials and components, designing timeless pieces.  Our design style deliberately lends itself to include existing furniture, so that we are placing the environment at the fore and staying away from mass made items that end up in landfill.


We are very proud to be able to say Verity has used our lighting in a number of projects and has created some truly inspirational designs both with and without Fritz Fryer lights.

One of the most memorable projects Verity designed featuring our lighting, was alocal school’s boarding house. The building was a grade II Georgian building that was full of history and character. Throughout the design you can spot Verity’s personal touches within each room, with splashes of colour and plenty of light…

The Hereford cluster chandeliers Verity specified were a perfect addition to the project. Featuring clear glass globes and a fresh contemporary fitting, ( Nickel with Elephant Grey) the Clusters create great ambient light allowing students to relax and socialise in an informal, but absolutely gorgeous setting.

Who wouldn’t want to go back to school if school was always as lovely as this?