If you follow our blog or social media feeds, you’d already know that at Fritz Fryer, we love a good pendant light. As well as being incredibly stylish and visually stunning, pendants are super versatile – they blend right in with almost every room around the house.

To put our money where our mouth is, we’ve taken our all-time favourite pendant lights on a tour of various home areas to see how it fits in. Check out our interior décor ideas for different settings:

Kitchen configurations

If you have an island in your kitchen, it’s the prime location for a pendant light. And we’re not talking about the ‘traditional’ builder-grade pendants some old-school designers would have you buy. We’re talking stunning fixtures that go above and beyond lighting up the space for functionality to act as an accessory for the room.

Whatever your kitchen design, you’d be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the right pendant light. Depending on the type of light you require and the atmosphere you’re looking to create, you can opt for clear glass pendants, which make for an elegantly subdued solution, or go all in with industrial pendant lights if you want to give your kitchen some extra muscle.

If you’re looking for something simplistic and minimal that still packs a décor punch, a teardrop pendant light fixture such as the Wellington Clear Glass Pendant Light (pictured above) is great for introducing some elegance to an otherwise modern kitchen. Just look at those graceful lines!

Dining room décor

Inspired by traditional period pieces, the Sellack Lantern is a contemporary twist on a classic lantern – its simple clean lines and sophisticated air are guaranteed to mesmerise your dinner guests. Level up the lighting with extra pendants if you have a longer table to create visual symmetry and make sure the entire space is sufficiently illuminated, so everyone can savour their food.

Boutique bathrooms

Forget everything you know about bathroom lights and the limits they set on your interior design. You don’t have to wave goodbye to the beautiful pendant you have your heart set on just because it hangs a bit too low to meet IP44 criteria. It’s mere centimetres between different zones, so the problem can easily be solved by adjusting the length of the flex.

We can adapt most of our pendants for bathroom use, so you don’t have to limit yourself to our bathroom lights range or IP44 equivalents inferior in design.


Neat nightstands

Think outside the box when it comes to nightlights. By choosing an Upton pendant instead of a lamp, you can save surface space and create a snug atmosphere, all with one switch. The elegant curves of the pendant light create a subtle, sophisticated atmosphere, hanging low and giving off soft light which entices you to cosy up in bed with a good book.

Lounge luxury

Singular lighting fixtures are a classic go-to for living room décor. Often these will take the form of an opulent chandelier (for more traditional homes) or a singular clear pendant like our Hereford Globe pendant light (if your lounge is more modern). But what if we told you there’s another alternative?

You can combine the elegant look of a classic chandelier with the modern vibe of pendant lights by experimenting with a cluster of pendants (check out the Upton Ribbed pendants pictured below). Pop this beautiful fixture over the seating in your living room or above a coffee table, and you’ve got yourself best of both worlds.