Our lights provide a little more than just light! 

I’m sure you’ll agree how great the feeling is when you stumble across a brand you know nothing about yet can’t wait to explore. The question is, do you immediately share this new love with your friends and family, or keep it to yourself?

Falling for Fritz 

Who wouldn’t? We are lighting specialists with over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry and passionate about our heritage.  We have designers on site and a workshop that can turn their capable hands to pretty much any type of light fitting!

The antique collection presents a piece of history, of re-purpose, restoration and longevity. It tells a story and is how our honest business began.

Our contemporary collection incorporates the strengths developed from the antique collection; the attention to detail, quality and ingenuity. It’s no wonder we’d prefer to be talked about and not kept a secret  – after all we have plenty of lighting styles and combinations to go around!

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The ‘Ta-da’ moment

So you’ve invested time exploring our social media and website, you may have chatted to one of the team, and now in your home you have the lights that have consumed your spare thoughts and they look amazing! The flex colour you have chosen is perfect, the shades are definitely right for the space. This is the time to go ‘Ta da!’ and feel smugly proud. This is a happy moment, a time to share!


The Happiness research Institute and Kingfisher plc, (the international home improvement company), embarked on a collaborative project with an aim to determine what makes a happy home and how we can make people happier with their home in the future? Thousands of people were asked from 10 different countries. The extensive research narrowed down the feelings we have for our home to 5 core emotions; Pride 44%, comfort 25%, identity 17%, safety 10% and control 4%. 

The report says, ‘Pride is about our own achievements. In the present context, these achievements could include all kinds of home improvements and other achievements related to the home. Pride can also be derived from qualities or possessions we have in our home.’

Source: The Good home report 2019. What makes a happy home?

Talent spotting

We are very proud of a fantastic glass artist we have had the pleasure of collaborating with; Alice Heaton gained a 1st class honours degree at De Montfort university. She works primarily with hot glass, taking inspiration from organic forms in the natural world, producing colourful and dynamic individual blown sculptural pieces. Alice builds layers – almost like a painter, producing a totally unique finished piece of glassware.

Fritz Fryer director Simon, discovered Alice’s work when visiting Leeds university where she had pieces on show. He loved her glass work and really felt it would present a lovely addition to the expanding collection of Fritz Fryer lights, so after getting in touch with her, the concept became a design and the result is the fantastic Lucton Table Lamp.

The carefully designed Fritz Fryer hand patinated steel base and stem do not detract from the stunning colourful glass. There are 3 different sizes in the Lucton collection, all individually, bespoke made. They can be seen displayed in our showroom and available to buy online.

Alice had worked on collaborations before but not with a business like Fritz Fryer. When asked how she found the collaboration process Alice said, “…The relationship with Fritz Fryer has been really positive, working with such an established company with extremely high standards was a little daunting but everyone was really supportive and also patient – as someone just beginning to work professionally it took me longer to produce the work than anticipated but Fritz Fryer were, luckily, really understanding.”

We also wanted to get to know the thoughts behind the glass and what inspired Alice with her gorgeous creations;

“The pieces for Fritz Fryer evolved from a series of my work entitled ‘Life Within’. The inspiration for the whole series was the minute marine life within our oceans. I was really captivated by how colourful this underwater world is and the movement within, I hoped to capture it in my glass, using lots of colour combinations maybe not traditionally used together but which represented accurately the creatures in the sea. Fritz Fryer saw some examples of ‘Life Within’ and contacted me about the possibility of working together, from where we collaborated on the streamline shape and the layers of colour.” 

You can read about the glass making process on our website.

Share the love

Here at Fritz Fryer we love to hear what our customers think about us. As a small team it really does mean a lot, we value our work and have immense pride in our beautiful lighting collection – so why not spread the word?

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We can provide the lighting to help you achieve a happy home by surrounding yourself with things you love, creating a safe, comfortable space to hunker down in and feel protected. A space you feel proud of.

With Thanks to @aahdesignermaker for the beautiful glass and  @camperdownlane for introducing us to The Happy Home report 2019.