We were approached by an existing customer to create a bespoke piece of lighting using the Aston Lantern to illuminate the dining room in their ski chalet in the gorgeous setting of Haute Savoie in the Alps. Our starting point was to get the dimensions of the dining table and the ceiling height of the space which enabled our designers, Simon and Andrew, to let their imagination run wild.

Hiding electrical feeds

Another important consideration was that the client required the electrical feed to be concealed within one of the vertical supports, for ease of installation. This was easily achieved by a simple swap in the supports, switching the solid rods for a hollow tube which enabled the wires to be hidden from sight.

Creating mood lighting with the Aston Lanterns

Using the 12-foot table as guidance our in-house bespoke team decided that using 3 Aston Lanterns would be perfect for the design. Spread across the table the Aston Lanterns in clear glass the pendants give off both TASK lighting when needed but also mood lighting when dimmed. Making the most of your bespoke fitting is so important, so these details are important considerations.

The icing on the cake for this project was a happy accident. We were in need of a way to finish the ends of the bar, we could, of course, used a part from our well-stocked workshop shelves but at the idle hands of Simon whilst in deep conversation he discovered the radius of a £1 coin is a perfect match to the gage or the bar. A design quirk and the final flurry of bespoke design.

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