One of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby for new mamas and papas is lovingly putting together the nursery in anticipation of their child’s birth. Just as important as choosing the overall theme, settling on the colour scheme and carefully selecting the perfect crib is finding the right lighting for your nursery.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to this important design element for your baby’s room. Here are some of the main things to consider when illuminating your nursery:

1. Keep the lighting soft

In addition to making the nursery seem cosier by creating a warm glow, soft lighting is more sparing to your baby’s eyes as it prevents over stimulation by reducing the contrast between light and dark.

Avoid exposed bulbs and halogens when lighting the nursery; instead, opt for lighting fixtures whose light is diffused or shaded, thus avoiding both irritating the eyes of your child and any risk of a curious toddler poking at the exposed light.

2. Place the light right

In addition to making sure all light fixtures are out of your children’s reach, from crawling age to the older siblings, to prevent any hazardous forceful removal, you should also think about the main point of view.

While extravagant bedroom lights like a large ceiling fixture with globe-shaped shades might fit fantastically into your nursery theme, your baby who will have to lie directly underneath them might not enjoy the interior design perks as much.

3. Think ‘round the clock

Most times of the day come with their caveat when it comes to lighting your nursery. From ensuring your baby’s room remains dark and cool long enough in the mornings to prevent premature awakening and overheating, to making sure darkness is kept at bay (and toes are kept safe) with an adorable nightlight, nursery lights are a 24/7 consideration.

Think also about layering the nursery lights or installing a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of light in the room depending on the task at hand. Instead of having one super bring ceiling fixture which irritates your baby’s eyes, break up the rooms with a number of lamps – a task light for the changing table, a reading lamp for bedtime stories, and some wall lights facing away from the crib for an extra boost of ambiance.


Get your nursery lighting right for peaceful nights, easy feeds and a blissfully sleeping baby. Browse our full range of lights and choose the best ones to complete your little one’s bedroom before you welcome him or her into the world and into your home!