Retro café lamp US version

Our very retro café lamp design can be converted to be safe for use in the US or Canada. Please note the product may look slightly different than the image shown due to the necessary changes that are needed to meet UL standards. Due to the extra material and additional labour there is a conversion cost to make these lights.

ID: rc-pn-ul

Product details

Step into an era of timeless charm with our new retro café lamp, designed to illuminate the cosy corners of your favourite café. Inspired by mid-century design, this lamp effortlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern functionality. Its slender silhouette, combined with its sleek curves, exudes an inviting warmth. Casting a soft, ambient glow, the lamp creates an intimate atmosphere, perfectly crafted for Café’s.

Our glass shades are mouth blown and, as such no two are identical. The unique nature of our shades is what makes them so beautiful, but means we have a size tolerance of up to 5mm on a shade and slight imperfections, such as small bubbles or tooling marks, may sometimes be visible in the glass on close inspection.

Technical Information


Shade size Height Width
One size 215mm 235mm


Lead Times

Shade size Lead time
One size 4 Weeks

If we have the glass shades in stock we may deliver sooner, the lead time will be confirmed when you place your order.
Larger quantities may require a longer lead time.

If you have an urgent lead time or international shipping enquiry, please complete the shipping enquiry form.