What to look for when choosing Copper kitchen lights?

Copper is a material that compliments both contemporary and traditional-style interiors, making it a popular choice for many homes. This style of lighting is a great way to add alternative material and texture to your living spaces, especially kitchens.

Copper pendant lights can be used in a multitude of ways within the kitchen area. An increasingly popular variation is to include pendants in a row of three, evenly spaced over the island or peninsula. Alternatively, a cluster chandelier formation is a great idea if you only have one electrical feed and require more light, or if you are looking to create a show stopping feature piece.

Discover our selection of handmade copper kitchen lights below, and find the fittings that will look best alongside your interior or the space you have to light.

Gorsley copper ceiling light

The Gorsley copper pendant light  has been designed and made exclusively for Fritz Fryer by a local artisan blacksmith. Two sheets of copper are moulded and worked to create a delicate rose shaped light shade. The industrial look of the Gorsley fits seamlessly into a traditional home, while acting more as a stand-out, juxtaposing accessory in a modern-style kitchen. Install in a row over the kitchen island for a modern style with a little nod to chic, or to a period kitchen for a beautiful talking point.

Three Gorsley copper lights featured over the kitchen island
Three Gorsley copper lights featured over the kitchen island


Do you love the idea of a feature piece above the kitchen island or table but only have access to singular electrical point? A cluster chandelier is the perfect solution. The Gorsley copper cluster chandelier brings three individual pendants together to create an almost bouquet-like look. This gentle merging of solid sheet copper shades results in something almost contradictory to its base material – elegance.

Installed above a kitchen island, this chandelier makes a great focal point and most importantly allows for more light, which is great when additional lighting is required. Similarly, above a dining table, when installed with dimmable bulbs, it can be ambient dinner party lighting which can be lowered as the night continues.

Gorsley copper chandelier

Moccas copper ceiling light

The Moccas Copper ceiling light is the industrial light of our dreams, entirely made in the UK, each shade is hand spun on a lathe by a talented metal worker. Warm, cosy kitchen vibes are mirrored within the delectable polished copper colour. From rustic farmhouse to modern home, complete your look with the Moccas pendant light. Available in a small or large size, these pendants are fantastic as a standalone light or in a row of three within the kitchen.

Three Moccas copper pendant lights over kitchen island

Why copper kitchen lights?

If you are looking for confirmation that this copper light is the missing piece of your kitchen, look no further than the vast amount of restaurants and commercial spaces that include these recognisable, industrial beauties. Copper shades stand the test of time, in terms of durability as well as their timeless look that transcends trends. They are easy to clean and have been a go-to for commercial interior designers for years.

Light coloured or pastel kitchens are enhanced with a pop of colour from a copper Moccas shade. The copper feel doesn’t need to stop there. Continue this theme with the inclusion of copper hardware throughout the Kitchen, such as door handles, taps, hinges and switches.

Are copper kitchen light fixtures popular?

It is clear to see why copper kitchen lights are so popular. Their rustic, warm look, easy maintenance and durability make them an obvious choice for modern or traditional interiors. If the Fritz Fryer copper pendant light collection has caught your eye why not come see them in person, by visiting either our London or Herefordshire showrooms. Here we can advise you in your decisions and recommend sizes and formations that would best suit your space.

If you would like to know more about achieving the perfect lighting for the kitchen island, check out our blog ‘How To Light Your Kitchen Island‘.

Popular Copper kitchen lights

Gorsley Pendant
£510.00 Inc VAT
Moccas Industrial Pendant Light is shown here with a copper shade, but comes in a variety of finishes.
Moccas Industrial Pendant Light
£143.00£272.00 Inc VAT
Gorsley swan neck wall light
£540.00 Inc VAT

Need more help choosing copper kitchen lighting?

If you are struggling to choose between some of our copper kitchen light fixtures, get in touch with a member of our team.

Customer exploring handmade glass lighting within the Fritz Fryer showroom.