Trying to light a high ceiling or stairwell?  This globe pendant light chandelier serves this purpose admirably. The endless options of multi-pendant chandeliers makes them incredibly popular for feature lighting.  From one pendant to 50+, whatever the size and shape of your long drop, we can make a chandelier to fill it.  The stunning cluster chandelier featured here was installed in an office stairwell to great effect.

It doesn’t happen every day that a customer phones asking you to face-time them so that they can show you how fantastic their new chandelier looks in their stairwell, but it’s a real buzz when it does!

That’s exactly what happened when the lovely Clare from Total Computers took receipt of this magnificent, Hereford globe, cluster chandelier which has a mixture of clear and ribbed glass globes.

Andy was the lighting designer on this project.  He worked with Clare to achieve this gorgeous chandelier which comprises of 25 mixed and clear globes with a 4m drop, all made with celtic gold coloured flex & bronze metal work.  We think it looks amazing.

The only disappointment with this amazing cluster chandelier is that we can’t fit it all into our horizontal framed photos to show you just how stunning it really looks!