Antique and contemporary lighting for a farmhouse renovation

In 2020, we were visited at our Herefordshire showroom by a lovely couple. They told us of their plans to completely refurbish a manor farmhouse, and that they needed lots of unique lighting! They were initially drawn to the idea of fitting just the kitchen with our lighting but they fell in love with our contemporary and antique collections and requested a total of thirteen Fritz Fryer lights be installed throughout their dream home.

Statement lighting for the kitchen

Initially, the couple came to us for kitchen lighting; their farmhouse kitchen had lots of space that needed a statement piece above the island. Statement island lighting is kind of our forte, so we were certainly able to provide just that. After consultations with our design team it was decided to install two bespoke Herefordshire cluster chandeliers at either end of the island, this would best utilise the incredible space that they had and create a unique look. The chandeliers included ten pendant lights, with a mixture of ribbed and clear glass types.

Cosy lighting for a snug

The snug was an area of the home with beautiful exposed beams and a grand fireplace, a lovely space to relax. The clients requested lighting that would enhance the cosy atmosphere of the room, referring to a previous Fritz Fryer project, nice lighting in Nice, that included a beautiful antique Rococo chandelier. It was decided that something similar would suit the space well. This was exactly what the room needed, a classic but warm finished light. With this in mind, our restoration team dug out an unrestored 8-branch Rococo chandelier and began restoration, with Margaret adding beautiful crystal droplets to the arms and pan, as per the client’s request.

Ceiling lights for the entrance

The couple loved the look of our two modern chandeliers, the Marcle and the Foy, but they needed something with a little less drop to fit the lower ceiling height of the entrance. It was suggested that a bespoke light be made using parts from both the Marcle and the Foy, with shorter drops. They found two vintage shades that they loved the look of and asked if we had anything similar, so we rummaged through our collection of vintage and antique shades and found two that would compliment our swan neck wall light, which was then installed along the walls of the entrance. Completed, the lighting in the entrance created a warm welcome for any guests.

Warm lighting for the living room

The living room of the farmhouse was classically styled, featuring eye-catching wallpaper and wooden furniture that had previously been salvaged from a ship. To emulate the interesting, antique vibe of the wooden furniture our clients chose a set of four antique Faraday & Son wall sconces. The furniture and lighting combined created a cosy, warm atmosphere and a space where the couple could relax in style.

Lights for the hallway

Upstairs, the house had tricky sloped and narrow ceilings that the couple were struggling to find lighting to fit. We recommended our handmade Upton pendant lights, which the couple loved the idea of but requested they somehow be modified to emulate the rustic feel of the exposed beams and textured walls. Combining the skinny ribbed Upton shade with a hook and chain pendant set achieved just the look they were searching for.

Impact lighting for the bathroom

The main bathroom was grand in size and featured ‘his and hers’ basins. Lighting for this room needed to make an impact in the large room, so small fittings were out of the question. The clients opted for swan neck wall lights, which have a larger projection than any of our other contemporary wall fittings, combined with sleek ribbed glass Hereford globe shades, which were placed on either side of the mirror above the basins. The finished look of this bathroom was modern and sophisticated.

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In total, this project included over 20 Fritz Fryer lights, which include seven antique and more than 10 contemporary pieces. Using beautiful lighting, handpicked to perfectly suit each space, we were able to completely transform this farmhouse into a warm and inviting home.

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