The simple steps to cleaning your light

Before starting any of these cleaning tips, please ensure your fitting is completely switched off at the fuse box. It’s also important to remain aware that you are dealing with glass which, when broken, could become dangerous.

We recommend that you regularly dust your fittings with a feather duster or a soft microfiber cloth to remove any excess dust.


Firstly, ensure your light is turned off. Remove the bulb by unscrewing it gently from the fitting. Unscrew the shade ring which is holding the shade onto the fitting. Once this is removed the shade will follow, be careful not to drop the shade whilst doing this.


Carefully remove excess dust from the shade with a dry cloth. Doing this will prevent you from smearing any unwanted mess across your glass shade.


Gently wipe over the shade with a damp cloth, working on the areas that show smudges or dirt. You may notice that your bathroom lighting shows toothpaste or water marks, and pendants suspended above a kitchen island can show residue from cooking.


Once you feel you have worked all areas of the shade sufficiently, you can then carefully buff the shade with a dry cloth, leaving a perfectly streak free glass shade.


Now the glass is clean you can now clean the metal work. When cleaning either your pendant or wall fitting, we recommend no chemical cleaners or abrasives are used. This is because all of our handmade fittings are lacquered and cleaning substances or abrasive materials could potentially remove the lacquer, causing your lovely lights to age and tarnish over time.

How to clean my light fitting


Your shades are made of a glass called borosilicate glass, this means the shades can withstand a lot of heat making it completely fine to pop the glass shades into the dishwasher for an extra sparkly clean!

Need a little help?

If you have any other questions about how to clean your lighting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

Customer exploring handmade ribbed glass lighting in the Fritz Fryer Showroom in Herefordshire