Working from home has got many people searching for a way to step up their home office game.

Unlike the normal office, a home office can be styled to suit your unique personality, right down to the lighting.

Table Lamps

Introducing a table lamp to your home office is a fantastic way to concentrate light specifically to your work area. Office desk lamps do not need to be boring, they can be unique and exciting – just like you!

The Aston

One of our most customisable lights, the Aston desk lamp, makes the perfect home office lighting. Best of all, you can customise the glass on the top and bottom of the light, the colour of the flex cable, and the metal finish.

If your personality airs on the dark and sophisticated side, why not try smoked glass with a red flex cable. Finish the look off with a bronze metal finish.

Sleek and subtle home officers can find their personality in a ribbed glass Aston lantern, with an antique brass metal finish and a darker flex cable.

Those who love to feel warm and cosy while working from home should consider white glass with a bronze or antique brass metal finish.

Create a look that fits you. The devil is in the detail, and your personality deserves to shine through.

Antique desk lamps

Maybe contemporary isn’t your style, so try fitting your home office with something a little more retro! Antique lighting is the perfect way to incorporate unique lighting that has history and character.

This retro 1950s phase lamp is an unforgettable antique desk lamp that has a futuristic air about it. The running curves and sleek lines create a beautiful lighting solution that is never boring. Its swivelling base adds an extra level of practicality that is necessary in a home office.

tapered stem table lamp uses the recognisable lamp style, with the added beauty of the intricate stem details. For an understated and quietly beautiful room, this lamp is perfect.


The newest addition to the Fritz Fryer table lamp collection, the adjustable table lamp is the ultimate addition to your home office. With the option to direct the light where ever it is needed, not only practical but a stylish addition to any home office.

The options to this table lamp collection are endless too! Choose from our four standard metal finishes, 21 different flex cable colours and select any medium sized shade from the Fritz Fryer collection. Also this lamp can house a selection of antique shades too!

Wall lights 

If you are lacking in desk space, a wall light can be a great way to add light without taking up any of the much needed space.

Adjustable wall lighting

The ability to direct light to exactly where it is needed, is a luxury we usually attribute to a desk lamp!

Our adjustable reading light and adjustable spotlight are two wall mounted lights that can be moved to direct light to wherever light is needed! This makes them the perfect addition to an office, as a way to position light to a specific area – without the need for a desk lamp.

Industrial style wall lights

Your love for all things industrial does not need to end at the door of the home office.

The industrial wall light is a simple industrial style fitting that can be used as an atmospheric uplighter or a practical downlighter. They are a stylish addition to the home office – perfect for those who want to keep their style, while working from home.

Ceiling lights

Whether its an unforgettable home office pendant light, or a work from home flush fitting fixture – we have ceiling lights to suit a space of any size or shape.

Flush fitting ceiling lights

We know that for a lot of people, working from home has led to some impromptu offices in crazy corners of the home.

Keeping this in mind, your new work space may be slightly challenged in the ceiling height department. Installing a flush fitting ceiling light, such as the Grafton globe, is perfect for those without the room for a suspended light fixture.

Pendant lights

If you have a lower ceiling, but are still set on that perfect pendant light, don’t worry we’ve got you! You can customise your pendant light’s flex cable to be as long or short as you want – even as short as 30cm!

smoked glass Hay Coolie pendant light is a sleek, sophisticated pendant light, the perfect home office addition.

For something a little more fun, why not try installing a skinny ribbed Hereford globe, or put a few together and create an eye-catching cluster chandelier!

Rise and Falls

For our dining room home officers, those who have set up the workspace at the end of the dining table, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Our incredible antique rise and falls are a perfect solution. Simply pull down the light when you are in work-mode, to bring the light closer to you and allow you to see more. Push it back up when the office becomes the dining table again.