Fritz Fryer has been lighting specialists since 1982, so it’s safe to say we know a few things about lighting. Antique pendant lights are a popular choice for a period home, but what happens when your home is a contemporary new build but you love classic design?

This is where our knowledge of antique lighting comes in useful.

Vintage French Frilled Coolie Pendants are a top pick for any period home. The shallowness of the shade allows it to be completely versatile and fit almost any room of the home, no matter the height of the ceiling. Additionally, the beautiful creamy white glass contributes a warm, homely glow – perfect for any space. As the shades are all original pieces, around 100 years old, they are all completely unique in size and colour variants, making them the prefect pendant for your period property.

But what if you are in a newer home? Well, you can probably guess what happened next. With a little antique inspiration and some contemporary design mixed together, evolution happened here at 23 Station Street….


The Hay Coolie emerged. A classic in its own right but with a little bit of Fritz magic sprinkled onto it. This is an easy choice for those who are looking for a vintage style that stays on trend.

The Hay incorporates the well-known key features of the original Coolie but with a subtle modern twist. This design is now available in four glass types: Clear, Skinny Ribbed, Smoked and of course the original White glass. Its clean lines but classic shape make it a great addition to a modern home.