Are you having a hard time finding your perfect light?

Being stuck in isolation can have its perks such as attempting those jobs around the house that we just never have the time to do…

But, ‘frustrating’ is an understatement when you spend what feels like days searching the Internet for that perfect finishing touch to a freshly decorated room, without any joy in finding it. For instance, looking for the perfect feature pendant light to fill a mezzanine stairwell or modern alternative to a traditional chandelier to add instant wow factor to a space?

Here at Fritz Fryer we know only too well that our customers love the idea of creating their own unique pendant light or modern chandelier as our bespoke multi drop cluster chandelier range allow them to fully customise glass, metal and flex finishes as well as a range of sizes from medium all the way up to an Extra Extra large meaning the days of fruitlessly searching the Internet for your perfect pendant are long gone!

We normally have two onsite designers Monday to Friday who both see lighting from a different angle to you and I, and are hugely skilled in creating bespoke designs to match your imagination. Supporting them, and bringing these bespoke lighting designs to life, we have a very talented onsite workshop who work closely with our designers to produce your perfect light.

Then the waiting game…
Which in fact isn’t a bad thing at the moment as calling your electrician out to fit them can be a little tricky. So, with bespoke orders we aim to get your lights to you within 8 weeks. Hopefully by this time you will be able to welcome that lovely electrician into your house to install them!

The Bespoke Process in 6 easy steps (Normally)

Step 1… Give us a call, or visit, and tell us what ideal lighting pendant you are envisioning (and if you’re stuck we can help you out as we’re always full of ideas and have great examples on our Instagram account or website that will get your inspired design mind whirring). Then you can leave the next bit for the designers to create the right product for you.

Step 2… The techy bits. We know but for it to be a simple installation these bits are vital! From advising on the lowest drops, ceiling heights, flex colour and metal finish, we can even send you a sample pack so you can see the colours within the setting, finally the budget, building your light around your budget.

Step 3… Well this bit is easy: sit back, put the kettle on and listen out for an email. As soon as one of our onsite designers has drawn up and when we say drawn they really do draw it up, a solution they will send it straight across to you, once you receive it you will be able to adapt, question anything you may not be happy with.

Step 4… This is where the workshop team makes your dreams a reality, flat two dimensional drawings turn into something physical and your bespoke light is lovingly handmade by Richard, our master of all bespoke work. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Step 5… The wait feels like forever, but you will receive a very exciting confirmation email that your light is ready! From then on it will be packed by our packing department Dan and Mollie.

Step 6… Your goodies will be shipped via a one day delivery service to your front door.

Step 7… Yes we said in 6 simple steps.. This step is not necessary but we would LOVE to see some in situ shots of it once you have it in, just so we can tell you how amazing it looks! Get in touch here

Take a look at this short film showing you the step by step process with some funky music.

Fab video by Dan Barker Studio and Samuel Callen-Thanks guys!