The brief

In 2019 we were enlisted by Zaffera London to help in the complete conversion of an old police station, in Chiswick, into a beautiful modern pub.

The interior designers wanted to create a bright and welcoming space that utilised some of the interesting features left behind from the building’s rich history. Lighting needed to highlight the important focal point of the space – the stunning art deco-style bar.

The design process

We were in contact with Zaffera London who emailed emailed us with the exact lighting choices and dimensions that they required. They also requested that each of the 8 pendant lights be suspended from fixed brass rods, which were custom made for the project in our on-site Ross-on-Wye workshop. These fixed rods were required to stop the pendant lights blowing around and knocking into each other when the air conditioning was turned on.

Zaffera London loved the look of the XL clear Hereford globe pendant lights and wanted 8 of them to the line the bar area. From ceiling to bottom of the shade 7 of the pendant lights needed to have a drop of 105cm, with one being 87cm as it would be suspended from a beam.

The finished project

Completed, this project includes 8 XL clear Hereford Globe pendants with custom made fixed brass rods. The lights came complete with 4 watt LED globe bulbs that create a lovely warm warm glow around the stunning bar.

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