We were asked to restore all of the large exterior lanterns and lampposts for the Grade II listed main building of High Storrs school in South Yorkshire. The lanterns were coated in decades of paint which we carefully removed and were delighted to discover that, underneath it all, they were actually cast bronze. The lanterns were damaged and pitted from years of wear and tear and unsympathetic repair.

Restoring antique lanterns to their original appeal

The surface was cleaned, polished and patinated to restore their original colour. The final finish of the lanterns was fixed with a coat of fine silicone lacquer which will protect them from the Yorkshire elements and maintain their authentic appearance. Several of the original hammered glass panels were broken or missing so we sourced replicas from a glass specialist. The lanterns were rewired for outdoor use, and to comply with the environmental policy at High Storrs, fitted with low-energy bulbs.

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