Achieving both a functional and stylish home depends on a number of elements. Selecting the right lights can transform a room into a successful space that works for you.

We often complain about the lack of good lighting within our homes, particularly the rooms that we spend most of our time in. There are ways to increase the lighting to a satisfactory level, without the need for an electrician for example: using standard and table lamps, and changing the brightness and wattage of the bulbs to suit.  If however you are about to renovate or build, it is well worth including a detailed lighting schedule that will address each room with a considered approach for your specific needs.

So, how do you determine the right level of lighting for your home?….

It is worth considering a number of factors: the shape and size of the room, to include the ceiling height. The level of natural lighting and the position of the room ( sunrise, sunset or shadowed ). Do you need task lighting for specific uses – Work area within the kitchen, a reading area within the sitting room, directional lighting for a study or bathroom?

We advise where you can layer up the lighting, a mixture of pendants, wall lights, floor standing and table lamps can provide flexibility.

When looking at the basic level of light required for a particular room there is a guide. When measuring the strength of a light bulb, more specifically an LED bulb, ‘Lumens’ is the correct term to use. Think of lumens measuring light output. Not Wattage measuring light output – this is not accurate as a watt is a measurement of power and due to the advancement of the energy saving bulb or LED, this measurement does not compare.

So, ‘Lumens’ and ‘Useful lumens’ will be labelled on the light or packaging of the bulb. A lumen is measured for all directions and a useful lumen is measured in a 90 degree angle ( spotlight ).

As a basic guide take a look at the example below. Lumens required per sq M :

Area:  Lumens/SqM:
KITCHEN/TASK 300-400/700-800
BATHROOM/TASK 500-600/700-800
BEDROOM/TASK 300-400/700-800



One of the best selling bulbs we stock here at Fritz Fryer is the Pear shaped LED bulb. It is a 4W bulb with approximately 400 Lumens. This is equivalent to a 50-60W incandescent. It is a very warm temperature measuring 2.2Kelvins.

We have recently introduced a new range of LED bulbs with flexible spiral filaments, to view the full range please click here.

When looking at the lighting fittings, consider the various chandeliers and cluster lights. These can add a huge amount of personality into a small space, a vast room and a stairway. The clusters can consist of 3 or 37 Hereford globes! A Crystal Chandelier can add glamour as well as illuminating the space with quality light, a Soda Syphon Table Lamp or Gramophone Trumpet pendants can add creative chic to your room.

If you need any advise with your lighting scheme, please get in touch – we love to hear from you.