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So why did Liberty London turn right?

18 / May 2019

Antique Lighting

Entering through the small courtyard where the flowers outnumber the weeds in summertime, the door if not open, is heavy to push. Once in, the snatched glances of illuminated interest glimpsed from outside on the pavement emerge as a vast collection of lights.

I love to observe the initial reaction as people enter, I can hear the door and the buzzer, then an audible expression of surprise as they slowly enter the shop. Our antique collection dominates the right side of the showroom and our hand blown contemporary range is situated to the left, I often watch people turn left. Liberty London turned right!

With much excitement we welcomed a small team from Liberty London.  Visiting us in rural Herefordshire, we considered this a huge compliment. In 1875 Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened the iconic London emporium, he sourced beautiful products from Japan and the East, endeavouring to curate diverse collections from around the world and show them off to the public in the impeccable Regent Street building. Ross-on-Wye may not be as exotic as experiencing Asia in the 19th Century although it has been said that it was the first tourist destination in the U.K.

Quietly moving from one light to another; a cluster of Antique Vaseline glass pendants, to an Edwardian Rise and Fall light with the pretty LED golf ball light bulbs and clear coolie shades, separating out as they wandered from one chandelier to another, creating conversation about age and provenance.

For the Fritz Fryer team, recognition from Liberty London was a defining moment.
Already feeling pretty fabulous and bursting with pride, fresh from our successful debut at 100% Design with the launch of our customisable Aston Lantern, this endorsement provided our Herefordshire based business with a wider audience and an opportunity to fly the flag for independent, specialist brands.
We strive to achieve the highest standard of craftsmanship with every application, binding the new and the antique to form a superior partnership.
The un restored collection hanging to the rear of the shop also caught their eye, simple but beautiful metal frames where crystal will eventually hang, patiently waiting for their turn in the on-site workshop, provided interest and discussion.

Quality matters to us, it resonates from the clarity of the hand blown glass shades and the heavy lead crystal of the antique chandeliers where exquisite refraction of rainbow colours dance from centrepieces. Liberty has an unparalleled reputation for sourcing exceptional, heritage brands and we can boast that we are one of them!

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