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Less Isn't Always More: You Need Cluster Pendants In Your Living Room

26 / Jun 2018

Home Lighting Tips

Last year it was all about vintage lighting, but this year cluster pendants are trending and, let’s face it, we love a good trend when we’re looking for inspiration to improve our homes.

Traditional living room designs will favour a singular lighting fixture (think opulent chandelier or a singular classic pendant), but you can play around with the number of lights to create the sought-after cluster effect.

We put together signature Fritz Fryer pendant looks to prove our point that less isn’t always more. Here’s our clusterpiration:

Hay Coolie – two ways

Not a greeting, our Hay Coolie pendant lights line up perfectly to create a visual display that will boost the ambiance of any space. Pictured in a shabby chic interior are three of our Clear Glass Hay Coolie lights The edgy lines work well with soft and muted colours, or bold palates, without taking the attention away from the rest of the décor.

You can carry this theme throughout the house with different styles from the range – the White Glass Hay Coolie pendants, for instance, look great in pairs when installed over a dining table. In this setting they accent and complement a deliciously white crockery range.

*Experimenting with different styles and numbers from the same range are a great way to keep your house lighting looking uniform while also giving each space unique character.

Ledbury Clear Glass Pendants

Go big when you go home with an attention-grabbing cluster of clear Ledbury pendants. Furniture closer to the ground such as sofas, loungers and coffee tables present the perfect opportunity to use lower-hanging, larger pendants alongside smaller sizes to create a cascading effect.

Upton Ribbed Glass Pendant

If you are a fan of the elegance and simplicity that classic chandeliers lend to any living room, you can combine that effect with a more modern touch by installing a row of Upton Ribbed pendants over the seating in your living room. The gentle teardrop shape and stylish texture of the shade will give the space a traditional vibe without looking tired.

Hereford Cluster Pendant Lights

For home owners who don’t shy away from clustering their living room lights, we also offer a selection of cluster pendant lights, which make stunning feature lights. Designed as a ‘staged cluster’, these pendants hang at different heights and look fantastic over double height drops.


Need advice of how to make the most of your living room space when it comes to lighting? Get in touch with the Fritz Fryer team for design ideas and help choosing the perfect fixture combo for your home.

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