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5 Boutique Hotel Interiors To Inspire Your Home

23 / May 2018

Home Lighting Tips

Few things are as satisfying to interior design fanatics as walking into a beautifully decorated hotel or restaurant and soaking up inspiration. It can sway you to stay in, as oppose to going out and leave you wishing you could move in permanently!

It’s a common misconception that beautiful boutique hotel interiors are unattainable for the ordinary home – but you can always find a little bit of magic to bring back home with you.

Here are five boutique hotel lighting looks brimming with design inspiration for your home:

Kitchen Island feat. globe pendants

Kitchen islands are one of the particularly trendy home interior features which can prove to be both visually enticing and practical. Ideal both for food preparation and casual dining, a kitchen island’s functionality and looks would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a row of pendant lights.

Take a leaf out of The Bower House’s book and replicate the look of their bar using our Hereford Ribbed glass pendant in the Extra Large size with Antique brass and dark brown pendants. The gorgeous Hereford Pendants are a beacon of craftsmanship and will take pride of place in your kitchen.

Ample dining ambience

You can also transform your dining room décor into restaurant-level luxury with some carefully handpicked ambient fixtures. Our Penyard Cut Glass Swan Neck Wall Lights in antique brass are perfect for adding extra brightness over your dining table without low-hanging ceiling lights getting in the way.

With the Penyard Swan Neck Wall Lights you can recreate the lavish feel of The Bower House’s seating area in your own dining room without having to splurge on commercial lighting fixtures.

Beautifully bright dishes

If you are more traditional when it comes to lighting your dining spaces, and prefer to have a light over the table itself, you could still achieve a balance between aesthetics and practicality by emulating the Fish Hotel and opt for the Wye Valley Railroad Pendant Light.

The elegantly simple clear glass Wye Valley Railroad will hang high enough to be out of your way during dinnertime conversation, but will still bring that much coveted brightness to make your caringly prepared dishes really shine.

Illuminated living room 

Particularly well suited for open plan living room is layered lighting. Note how the Fish Hotel have made the most of this visual trick, using vastly different lighting fixtures to signify the arbitrary sectioning off between their lounge area and the bar.

The Sellack Lanterns they’ve hung above their bar to create a contemporary vibe and maximise light levels will do just as good a job positioned over a kitchen island (or a bar, if you happen to have one at home!).  Meanwhile, the clusters of Enamel Pendant Lights can be strategically positioned over coffee tables and sofas to add a classic industrial feeling to the space. They also look great paired with bare brick walls, beams and barn conversions.

Boutique bathroom

It doesn’t take much to beautify your bathroom to hotel standards. Another concept you can borrow from the Fish Hotel, which is both practical and elegant, is installing swan neck glass lights, like our Pixley ribbed glass swan neck wall light, of the sides of your bathroom mirror.

The swan neck wall lights will add the extra illumination you need to get ready in the morning, and create cosy ambiance if you want a relaxing bath in the evening without the glare of ceiling lights. Available in a variety of shade styles, swan lights are the feature which can take your bathroom from tired to ‘on-trend’.


If you have your own vision about how to turn your home into a commercial-level interior décor masterpiece and need to find the right lights to complete the picture, you can shop our full collection of antique, vintage and modern lighting.

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