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3 / Mar 2015

Shop Talk

Whilst Romane was here for work experience she completed our meet the team questions - here's a chance to get to know her better!

Q. How long have you working here?

I've worked here for only a week, because it is for a professional work experience.


Q. Where did you grow up?

I grow up in Bordeaux, in the south of France and I am very proud because my city has been elue european best destination 2015. I already been in Ross On Wye many times but it is the first time I come on my own.


Q. What's your favourite contemporary piece?

When I saw the Coverted Gramophone Trumpet Pendant hanged in the shop, I was totally seduced. It's a really beautiful piece and it takes up space on the ceiling. It's also an original idea.


Q. What's your favourite antique piece?

I really like the Top Hat Pendant Lights because it uses an old piece: the hat, and the result is very original and it attracts the looks. I love originals things, so this piece is probably my favourite.


Q. Chocolate or Cheese?

As I am French, I am supposed to be a fan of cheese but it's not true. I do like it during special events because I really appreciate share it with family and friends. But in fact, chocolate has always been my weakness.


Q. What's your favourite chocolate?

My mother has always bought Milka chocolate so I was raised with it, so I suppose it's my favourite. I like chocolate under all the forms, it could be chocolate squares, cake, yogourt, biscuit, sauce, Easter eggs, everything about chocolate!


Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I have no idea. Yesterday it was Australia, Today it's propably England, and Tomorrow it may will be Holland. I love travel. I travel every year with my family and I see different landscapes. It builds me a new image of life, it developps my imagination. I wish accomplish my studies in an English Speaking Country because it's very important to speak English, especially if you want to share your creations with other countries, and I need to be bilingual quickly if I want to find a job. This stay in England is an approach of an English designer life, and I can't even realize how lucky I am. But I think the place I am destined to live is in my country, France, because I grew up there, and I am really proud of that.


Q. If you could meet any one person, who would it be?

I am not allowed to mention the person I love the most on the planet here, because Simon forbade me! (Lets just say I'm a huge One Direction fan.)


Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I wanted to become an actress, so I was in a drama squad. I loved the feelings I had when I was on stages, in front of hundreds people, I was feeling alive. But two years ago, I had to choose between two secondary schools: one which teachs drama and the other one which teachs design. I chosen the second one because it's really difficult to find a job when you are an actor and you are not sure to get roles that you like. Then I visited the design school and my heart skipped a beat, I was feeling in my universe. Now I have not regret about my choice because I can't imagine study other lessons than design. Unfortunetely, I stopped play drama because I am very busy with homeworks but I know I'll start again, when my studies will be over.


Q. What's your favourite sport/ team ?

I don’t follow professional sports much. I used to practice dance for 10 years but I also stopped because I really want to foccus on my student life. I hope all theses efforts will be rewarded one day.