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16 / Sep 2013

Bespoke Lighting Design

Whilst we specialise in antique crystal chandeliers and have found it is hard to replicate the quality and craftsmanship of  late 19thC chandeliers. These statement pieces tend to be quite large and impressive and we have found a need to find a solution that satisfies the customer who is looking bedroom lighting and fittings that suit small awkward spaces.

As a result we have enhanced our Fritz Fryer Collection with the addition of our own completely handmade UK produced chandeliers.  The metal frames are produced by a local metalworker in brass, and are then treated by our workshop guys James and Rich to achieve the finish the customer desires (antique brass, bronze or silver plate).  The crystal is then strung together by our chandelier specialist Margaret and the fitting is dressed.

Designed by Margaret, the Brampton Chandelier is modelled on the small bag style chandeliers popular in the 1920s and is finished with elegant teardrops which hang from the crooks.  The Marcle is also a 1920s design, influenced by the swirling Charleston dresses of this era, it is hung with icicle drops.  Two lovely examples of 20s inspired frivolity!

These two chandeliers are versatile in that they combine simplicity and elegance with luxury and opulence, achieving a look that is delightful to the eye without being too showy.  Perfect for a bedroom, dining room or landing we think!  We are very proud to be producing UK made products and supporting local craftsmen and we hope that our customers will feel the same when they purchase these delightful chandeliers.

We’d love to know what you think about these pieces - they come in standard sizes but can be made bespoke to fit your or your clients needs so if you are interested in purchasing one for a property please do get in touch as we’d be happy to discuss it with you.