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11 / Nov 2012

Home Lighting Tips

Here’s a toe in the water of lighting design.  If you’re at the stage of rewiring a room, an extention or the whole house, think about the benefits of a 3 amp ring main.

Do you love the soft glow of table and standard lamps, but can never be bothered to switch them all on?

Do you often head upstairs at night, only to spot a glow emitting from the sitting room, courtesy of the table lamp in the corner that you’ve forgotten to switch off?

A 3 amp ring main is the way to go!

Low level lighting is pretty essential in a sitting room.  No one wants to sit chatting or watching TV under the glare of light emitted from a ceiling pendant.  Lamps give a feeling of intimacy and will encourage your guests to sit down.

Lamps at the flick of a switch

The ring is best installed into any room where multiple lamps are likely to be needed.  Special round pin sockets are placed around the room (somethimes in the floor by a sofa or coffee table, as well as in the walls) into which you lamps are plugged. Do note, they won’t run your TV or vacum cleaner!  The ring main links back to a light switch by the door, in the same position as your regular light switch.  All your lamps are plugged into the ring and left switched on.  When you enter the room, switch the switch and, voila… on come all the table and standard lamps.  Simples!