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17 / Mar 2011

Bespoke Lighting Design

We’ve been out and about in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside looking for some inspiration, and thought we’d share some photos with you. We’ve looked at churches and reclamation yards today.

We started in a village called Hoarwithy at this lovely little church. The arched corridor at the front of the church frames a beautiful view of the countryside. Each of the pillars is carved with a different pattern, and I’d be really interested to find out how old these carvings are and if there was any method or meaning to the patterns.

Hoarwithy Church

Hoarwithy church stone carving

Next stop was a reclamation yard, always a treat.  Look at these wooden reels, they look great all piled up in the field.

Wooden reels at the reclamation yard

Here is a little gallery showing some of the bits and pieces on show.  I loved the post war sink unit, might do a little post on this in the future as I’ve found out there is a bit of interesting history to this company – believe it or not! We didn’t find much in the way of lighting unfortunately, just a few broken hollophanes which was a shame as they were fabulous quality.

Selection of goodies at the reclamation yard

We stopped at a second reclamation yard which didn’t have a lot for us to look at, before taking a look at a ruined church on the way back to the office.  St John the Baptist church in Llanwarne was originally built in the 13th century, and as with many English churches altered over the years before being abandoned in the 1864 after a severe flood.  The ruin still has some very fine Jacobean Flemish stained-glass roundels and parts of the tiled floor that was laid in the 19thC.  Its easy for us to forget here in the UK how lucky we are to have so much interesting history on our doorstep, and it was great to take a bit of time out to visit a local site.

St John the Baptist Church, Llanwarne