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What is wicker?

Wicker is a technique that has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt. Pliable plant materials are woven into desired shapes, creating a sturdy and pretty structure. Skilled craftsmen can create strong, durable products using wickerwork, anything from baskets to chairs and the look is very trendy in the home right now. 

Wicker Light

How are wicker shades made?

The wicker lamp shades are, in short, made completely by hand. They start as individual lengths of willow that are hand sorted into lengths, which are then steamed to release that lovely natural colour. The wicker workers then begin hand weaving the strands around a metal frame, starting at the bottom of the shade and working their way up.

What material are the wicker lights made from?

It is a little-known fact that the term ‘wicker’ actually refers to the style of weaving through which the shade was made.

Wicker can be made of most plant originating materials such as rattan, bamboo, willow and reed. Our range is made of willow that has been grown, farmed and woven here in the UK. 

What is a wicker light made from?

Wicker Ceiling lights for the kitchen

Choosing this style of lighting for your kitchen can be an incredible and easy way to incorporate a natural element to the kitchen. 

Hung in a row of three above the kitchen island for a gorgeous, sleek look. Paired with elements of other styles, a large wicker light shade can be the accessory that completes your desired look. For inspiration on the styles that best compliment the wicker shade, see below. 

For kitchen island lighting tips click here

Wicker lights in the kitchen

Wicker for restaurants & Bars 

The perfect ceiling light to dine beneath exists and it is the naturally beautiful wicker shade, which enhances your dining experience. Incorporating a dimmable LED bulb with this shade option can be a great way to set the tone for guests. The natural glow of light that spills through the gaps in the hand-woven structure creates a gorgeous, organic shadow on the ceiling, truly fantastic for atmospheric lighting.

Wicker bedroom lighting

What's better than a good night's sleep? The bedroom is where we unwind and relax after a long day, so it is a great idea to maintain a relaxing vibe in this room. Incorporating natural materials, warm lighting, combined with fresh and cosy bedding is the recipe for the perfect night’s sleep. The naturally small gaps in the wicker weave also help to create a cosy atmosphere as the lighting is a lot less harsh.

What design style would wicker pendant lights suit?

A wicker pendant light is the perfect fit for the Scandi or Boho styles of interior. The two styles greatly centre the use of natural materials, yet do differ in their overall look. Wicker accessories, such as light shades, are a fantastic way of achieving texture and a natural feel in a space.

 What is Boho style?

Bohemian style is usually characterised by warm, earthy colours, maximalism and the inclusion of natural materials. Greens, browns and grey are great colours to start your style journey with, building on the base colours with a mix of patterns on carpets, blankets and curtains. There is no ‘less is more’ when it comes to boho, add more patterns and layers. 

When it comes to chairs and light shades, wicker is perfect for this style. The finished look is natural and adds a lot of texture to the space, ideal for boho.

What is scandi style?

Scandi style, short for Scandinavian, focuses on minimalism and functionality. To achieve the look it is important to include natural materials, such as things made in wicker, and clean simple lines throughout your space.

Bringing the outside in, but in a clean and minimalistic way, is a key take away when considering decorating your space in the Scandinavian style.

How to hang wicker pendant light shades?

It is very easy to hang our lovely lamp shades. Start by ensuring the light is switched off on the mains, never try to change a shade with the lights switched on. The second step is to remove the shade ring, which is located on the pendant set, and then push the bulb end of the pendant cable through the top of the shade. Next, reapply the shade ring and your shade will be securely attached to the pendant set.

Click here for a quick video tutorial on how to do exactly this. 

What is the difference between Wicker & Rattan?

Wicker is often mistaken for being the same as rattan. Wicker is in fact a style of weave, usually made from natural materials such as willow, reed or bamboo and is commonly used to create furniture and lighting. Rattan is a material and is commonly used in wicker projects, hence its association with the weaving style. 

Wicker hanging lights

Creating the perfect wicker hanging light has never been so easy, with 21 flex options to choose from and 4 standard metal finishes and the cable length being completely custom to you, no matter how long or short of ceiling light you need we can tailor them specially to you and your space. 

Which bulb for this shade?

The perfect bulb to pair with this shade is the WellLit pear shaped LED spiral filament bulb. It is the perfect shape and size to fit beneath the wicker lampshade. This bulb can be combined with a dimmable switch to create adjustable lighting that suits any mood.

Wicker feature lights 

This gorgeous light is created in an XXL shade size, making a true statement on its own, wherever you wish to hang it. Alternatively, the shade can also be incorporated into a cluster chandelier. This is a great, unique way of displaying your shades and is definitely eye-catching. A wicker cluster chandelier can include as many shades as you’d like, upwards of three. Contact our design team today to begin creating your bespoke wicker chandelier.

Wicker feature light


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