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The Scandi style lighting is born from the complex relationship Scandinavians have with light. Going from summer months drenched in sunlight to nearly no natural light throughout the long winter months, they have learned to make smart use of lighting.

Creating scandi style lighting & interior design

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Below, we’ve handpicked a range of Scandinavian lighting to complement the natural light and clean lines in your décor:

Creating scandi style lighting & interior design

The increasingly popular Scandi tradition Hygge is tightly linked to the use of effective lighting all around the house. Elegant, refined chic is the signature characteristic of the design style. Mix minimalist furniture with beautiful Scandinavian lighting for a balanced, sophisticated look.

Scandi style interior design combines natural materials, clean lines and muted shades into an effortless décor that’s both practical and delightful to dwell in. With as little as seven hours of daylight in winter, it’s no wonder that lighting is such an essential part of their local design – that’s why choosing the perfect Scandi light fitting will go a long way in bringing an authentic Scandinavian feel to your home.

The Scandinavian light fixtures in our collection are perfect for adding a soothing soft lighting to the cosy atmosphere of your Nordic home. Made from a range of beautifully handcrafted metals and fine glass shades, our Scandi style lighting offers a choice of shapes and designs so you can find the right ambience for your space.


Modern Scandi lighting is defined by the same clean lines and simple, neutral white aesthetic as the rest of the homeware and furniture associated with the style. From delicate ceramic cluster chandeliers to artfully hand blown glass pendants, our Scandi lighting is perfect for creating an ephemeral feeling in your home and capturing the brightness of the space in true Scandinavian fashion.

Lovers of a more rustic, vintage aesthetic will also have plenty of Scandinavian light fixtures to choose from. Brushed steel pendants and smoked glass shades, for one, are a stylish mixture of industrial and Nordic.

Much like the rest of Scandinavian design, with Scandi style lighting less is more. Our selection of minimalist light fittings is perfect for infusing simplicity and elegance into any room, whether you are creating a warm, cosy space or a vintage style interior.

To take your indoors one step further down the minimalist Scandi lighting route, forego light shades all together and opt for one of decorative light bulbs, which look gorgeous both as an individual scandi pendant light and bundled together to create a mesmerising Scandinavian light fixture. Stunningly incandescent, trendy and original, this interior design choice is sure to impress house guests!


When it comes to adding a chandelier to a Scandinavian style interior, we suggest choosing something that’s both restrained enough to fit in with the design and decorative enough to be a focal point.

Instead of a vintage candle chandelier, try one of our sumptuous chandelier clusters as your Scandi ceiling light. Combining the elegance of glass pendants with the timeless style of chandeliers, our Scandinavian style fixtures look especially breath-taking when they are grouped together!

Delicate glass shades make huge impact when placed centre stage in a room. Beautifully transparent and exuding ambiance, our Scandinavian ceiling lights are the perfect choice for spreading light throughout the room and creating a feature in its own right.

Both sophisticated and functional, our Scandi style ceiling lights are also fantastic as task lighting. Hang them over a kitchen island or a dining table for an extra boost of illumination, and watch your Scandi home transform as you experiment with light focus and shade.


Scandi style wall lights are another way to play around with focus in your interior design. We recommend spreading warmth and brightness to the corners of your room with a couple of Scandinavian wall lights, which you can position as either uplights or spotlights depending on you décor.


Scandi pendant lights are the perfect choice for illuminating a kitchen unit or a dining area. Instead of relying on harsh bright lights high above your head, hang a glass pendant low over your table for a more focused, softer effect. Positioning your Scandinavian pendant light centre stage also gives your dinner guests the opportunity to fully appreciate the stunning design of our shades.

When using pendant lights in your Scandi interior, we suggest focusing on particular areas of a room rather than lighting the whole space with one fixture. Whether it’s a cluster or an individual Scandi pendant light, scattering them across different areas will turn the pendants from a functional appliance into a striking focal point.

Choosing pendant lights is by far the best way to add a modern edge to a Scandinavian interior. Experiment with different shades and materials, mixing glass and ceramic, geometric edges and gentle curves to create a multi-faceted selection of lighting fixtures that turns your home into a design masterpiece.

If you lean more towards industrial décor, we also have a selection of rustic Scandinavian pendant lights that will fit perfectly with a more retro theme.  Make the most of the Moccas’ trendy utilitarian finish by combining with industrial style furniture and accessories. For an even more authentic factory-style display, hang a group of these retro pendant lights over a kitchen counter or a dining table.

Commonly used above kitchen islands and tables, or along staircases, Scandi pendant lights are now becoming a versatile lighting fixture that finds its place in unexpected settings. Below we look in some of the innovative ways to incorporate Scandi style lighting into your décor.

Scandi lighting ideas

Scandinavian pendant lights and lighting fixtures have broken out of their traditional dining room and kitchen setting, and spilled out into lounges and bedrooms. Simple and practical like the rest of Scandinavian décor, our lights are designed to maximise brightness by letting light pass through the beautiful glass shades and across the room.

You can create a chic, fresh interior in any room with the help of some artfully arranged Scandi style lights.


Modern Scandi wall lights are the perfect way to illuminate your house entrance, creating an inviting atmosphere that flows with the rest of you home décor. Scandinavian pendant lights are another fantastic choice for your hallway – hang matching sets in your entryway and along your staircase for a cohesive look.


Hang Scandi pendat lights directly above the nightstands in your bedroom – this saves you room on the surfaces while also adding a modern twist to bedside lighting. Extend the cosy feeling of the space with a reading nook – combine a Scandinavian style armchair with a low hanging pendant light to create the ultimate relaxation space.


Scandinavian ceiling light are a perfect touch for both sophisticated, minimalist living room interiors and a cosier lounge spaces where ambience is key. Hang your Scandi lighting low over a coffee table and match with a Scandi style sofa for a seamless, elegant look. 

Complement the Nordic look of your living room further with vintage decorative light bulbs and other trendy accessories to add unique character to the space. Our versatile Scandinavian pendant lights look gorgeous as a cluster in your lounge area, or on their own above a study desk – so you can get creative with your interior décor. 


Contemporary Scandi light fixtures like our Upton pendants fit splendidly as task lighting over kitchen islands or breakfast bars, as well as over dining tables where they can be a source of ambiance. The twistflex pendant, metal finish and delicate hand-blown glass come together to create an elegant, timeless design that will catch the eye will letting the light flow.



Our Scandi pendants and wall lights are also a stylish bathroom lighting choice. We offer a variety of IP44 lights that can hung above a bath tub or used as spotlights on the side of your bathroom mirror. For more bathroom design inspiration, take a look at some gorgeous light and mirror pairings

Find out when you need to use an IP44 light in a bathroom.



Scandinavian lighting is so popular it can be used in a variety of commercial settings, for airport lighting, hotel lighting, restaurant lighting and more. Take a look at our ranges today!

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