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What is globe lighting?

Aptly named, globe lighting is used to describe lighting fixtures with globe shades, which can be glass, fabric, paper or plastic. You can experiment with a choice of globe lighting colours, materials and sizes to create bold and unique lighting installations for your home. The versatile design of globe lights makes them perfectly suitable for a range of different home décor styles.

Universally loved and minimalist in design, globe lights are a type of modern lighting which adds a natural feeling of brightness to both interior design and outdoor landscaping. Regardless its size and shape, your globe lighting fixture is guaranteed to draw attention with attractive curves and fairy-tale like ambiance.

Clear or stained glass globe shades on metal fixtures are a particularly popular globe lighting choice. While the former allow for almost organic ambience, the latter will add a dramatic flair to any room. From contemporary globe pendant lights to classic wall lights and vintage lamps, globe lighting creates exquisite, unique living spaces.


Where to use globe lights

As one of the most prolific modern fixtures, globe lighting can be spotted in all areas of the house – from kitchens and dining rooms to bathrooms and even hallways. Often used as the primary light source in a room, globe pendant lights look breath-taking on their own, but hanging them as a pair or a row of varying heights will add a sense of movement to the space.


Globe lighting interior design ideas

Globe lighting is undoubtedly fantastic for adding warmth and a boost of brightness to your home, but depending on the stile and size of your globe light, you can also make different style statements. A large format globe chandelier will draw in the attention, creating a dazzling focal point. A pair of globe pendants hung above your dinner table create delicate ambiance and visual symmetry.

The interior design possibilities are endless when you are decorating with globe lighting. Both luxurious and functional, globe lights look just as brilliant in a vintage style living room as they do in a contemporary lounge.


Globe lights for a kitchen island

Globe lighting is perfect for adding extra illumination over a kitchen island or a breakfast bar. A stylish contemporary touch, globe pendant lights will embellish the modern design of your kitchen and provide subtle ambience.

Whether you are looking to turn your kitchen island into the focal point of the room or just brighten up the area so it’s better suited for cooking and snacking, globe lighting is a functional solution. If you have an open plan kitchen and dining area, you can layer different length and size globe pendants throughout the space for a cohesive look.

Choose between clear, ribbed and coloured globe pendants which you can hand individually or in multiples above your breakfast bar. All of our contemporary globe lights are guaranteed to create a slick, on-trend look for your kitchen.


Globe lighting for bathrooms

You don't have to miss out on bathroom globe lighting for the sake of sticking to IP44 fittings. In fact, globe lights are the perfect shape to meet the requirements for many of your bathroom zones. You can prevent water from splashing into your globe wall lights by installing the fixtures as uplights facing away from the sink. This way you have stunning globe lighting framing your mirror, and none of the fuss.

If it’s a globe pendant light you are after, there are a number of tricks you can resort to, so you fit the regulations even without an IP44 fitting. Changing the length of the flex so it lifts the shade by a couple of centimetres is an easy way to move a low hanging globe pendant light from the splash zone into zone 3. Choosing a larger globe shade with a small opening is another simple way of keeping water out.

Many of our globe lighting fixtures can be adapted for bathroom use, even if they are not listed on our bathroom lights range. The Hereford globe pendant light is just one stunning example of our bathroom-friendly globe lighting.


Globe lighting for dining rooms

The incredibly versatile globe lighting is a perfect match for both traditional and contemporary dining rooms. From standalone globe pendants to three-light clusters and opulent globe chandeliers, globe lights can light the ceiling on any dining room, from low to very high.

You can add extra illumination to your meals by placing a globe pendant light over the dining table. Longer tables look great with a pair of globe pendants instead of a single one – as well as creating a symmetrical look, the multiple fixtures help ensure the ambient light reaches all seats.

Staggered globe lights also work well in dining rooms, especially with higher ceilings which allow more space for the layered effect to really come into its own. For more formal dining rooms, choose extra-large shades, like our Hereford Globe Lantern, or a globe chandelier which will command the attention of your guests.

To create a more romantic ambiance, pepper your dining room with globe wall lights and table lamps perched on side cabinets. If you have a fireplace in the room, handing identical globe wall lights on each side would add an extra touch of elegance.

More modern dining rooms would look great lit by a coloured globe pendant light or an industrial style wall fixture.


Where to buy globe lights

Whether a single pendant or a stunning, 50 light chandelier, our glass globe pendants are incredibly popular and endlessly customisable.  If you can't see what you're looking for give us a call and we'll make it for you.

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