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Elegant, graceful and fluid, Art Nouveau lighting showcases the ultimate in craftsmanship. Perfect feature lights, these naturally inspired designs are always a talking point and offer a complementary look to a vintage style décor.

ABOUT Art Nouveau lighting

Hugely popular in the UK today, Art Nouveau lighting came into fashion in the 1880's before being overtaken in popularity in the 1920s for the more favoured Art Deco style lighting. The Art Nouveau style incorporates a passion for nature at it's core, using organic lines and flowing designs.  There has been a huge revival in the Art Nouveau movement, which has seen demand soar, and Art Nouveau lighting remains extremely popular. There are many famous examples of Art Nouveau design, but some of the most accessible are the Metro stations around Paris, many of which feature the most beautiful Art Nouveau signage and entrances, designed by the French architect Hector Guimard at the turn of the 20th Century. The most famous designer associated with Art Nouveau in the UK was Scotland’s most celebrated designer of the 20th Century, Charles Rennie Mackinstosh. Inspired by nature, Art Nouveau lighting often depicted long hair, female curves, flowers, and plants in it’s intricate designs. WAS Benson is arguably the most prestigious designer of Art Nouveau lighting and his fittings are extremely collectible.  Their flowing lines and drop hanging, pretty glass shades (often adorned with organic representations of anything from feathers and flowers to wings) offer muted colours typically used to complement the natural theme.  Particularly popular with Art Nouveau lighting is the use of vaseline glass shades, this beautiful, delicate glass (named after the iridescent glow they give off when lit) makes the perfect compliment to a Benson fitting.