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Browse our beautiful range of lighting to suit your sitting room. Our wall and pendant lights are all hand made (or hand restored in the case of antiques) in the UK and we offer styles including contemporary, designer, industrial, modern, retro, antique and vintage. Because we make all our fittings on-site, if you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call or drop us an email and we can create your own bespoke lighting.

From a quiet sanctuary where you can do some reading with a cuppa to the arena of board game battles and intensive movie marathons, your sitting room is always hard at work providing comfort for the whole household. Finding the perfect sitting room lighting means you’ll have the perfect ambience for any mood. Take a look at our sitting room light suggestions.

Ideas for sitting room lighting

Sitting rooms abide by the rule of threes when it comes to lighting types – for optimal illumination, the space needs task, accent and ambient (overhead) lighting. From a design perspective, each of these sitting room lighting types performs a specific function. As the name suggests, task lighting is focused around work zones, while accent lights serve to emphasise particular design elements. Ambient light, on the other hand, is the overall brightness source of the room.

Once you dig deeper into each option, you have a myriad of possibilities at your fingertips. Sitting room lighting ideas range from stylish and subdued to fun and subversive, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your décor and taste.

From statement living room lighting fixtures to unique designer table lamps, the sky (or rather the ceiling) is the limit when decorating with the lights in our collection.

Tips for sitting room lighting

Much more than just a finishing touch, lighting can drastically change the look of your sitting room. Even the most lavishly furnished and decorated space needs the proper lighting to really shine. That’s why we recommend planning your sitting room lighting design in the early stages of decorating.

Consider the space and decide on the types of light you will need. Are you using wall lights to create a well-lit reading nook? Do you want an elaborate fixture that illuminates the whole space and serves as a focal point? These are just some of the various sitting room lighting ideas you can play around with.

Especially if your sitting room is low on natural light or quite spacious, choosing the right lighting fixtures is key to creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. From contemporary pendants to elaborate wall lights, the right type and number of light sources can completely transform your sitting room.

Warm wall lights, for instance, are great for creating a warm glow around the edges of the room, where natural light has a harder time reaching. Bouncing brightness back into the room, wall lights will give the area extra depth and make it feel homelier. What’s more, if you are short on sitting room space, wall lights are the perfect way to avoid a cluttered look.

How to choose sitting room lighting

It’s a common misconception that lighting comes after the rest of the interior design elements. In fact, we recommend choosing your sitting room design with lighting in mind. Lighting plays a key role in how the finished space looks, so we would even suggest that you have your architect or interior designer draw the lighting into the plans for the sitting room.

Rather than getting around to the lighting fixtures when your sitting room design is complete, consider these factors before you get started:

How bright should sitting room lighting be?

Compared to your bathroom and kitchen, the brightness levels of your sitting room don’t need to be nearly as high. Of course the size of the space and the way it’s decorated will also inform how much illumination you need. Rooms in darker tones, for instance, will need more lighting fixtures than brightly decorated spaces to reach the same level of light.

On average, we recommend 100 Lumen per square meter for your core sitting room illumination, complemented by additional lighting sources peppered across the space, such as wall lights and table lamps.

How to arrange sitting room lighting 

Consider the layout of your fixtures carefully before you get started so you can make the most of your sitting room lighting. For optimal effect, we suggest combining a range of different light sources throughout the room, since a single light cannot meet all the diverse requirements of a lounge. Layering your sitting room lighting fixtures allows you to create a more flexible space, where you can pick and choose the brightness levels.

You can use floor lamps, wall lights and table lamps to create different accents throughout the room. A strategically placed wall light or a table lamp positioned next to a sofa, for instance, is a great way to amp-up the overall brightness of the room and create a cosy reading corner. Meanwhile, light from the main fixtures in the sitting room keeps the overall brightness of the space at a healthy level, so your eyes don’t get tired.

Sitting room lighting ideas for high ceilings

Having a lavish chandelier or an elegant pendant is a great sitting room light idea if you have high ceilings. As well as being a great conversation starter, a more prominent lighting fixture will draw the eye and add a sense of depth to the room.

You can achieve a stunning illuminating glow with a range of different ceiling lights, depending on your sitting room style. Classic chandeliers are a great option for more traditional style living rooms where the high ceilings tower over elaborate furniture and vintage decorations. Softer-looking ceiling pendants with glass or ceramic shades, on the other hand, are great for creating an elegant, airy aesthetic in a contemporary sitting room while still making the most of your high ceilings.

When considering different sitting room lighting ideas, think about the vision you have for your high ceilings. Do you want a single attention-grabbing lighting fixture or several stunning pendants grouped together for optimal optical impact?

Sitting room lighting ideas for low ceilings

If your sitting room is on the small side, there are a number of lighting ideas you can try to transform how the place looks. One of our favourite sitting room lighting ideas for a low ceilings is using more lightweight fixtures to boost the open feeling of the area. Slim pendants with glass shades, adjustable wall lights and artisan glass table lights will add more dimension to the sitting room and keep it from looking crowded.

Contrary to what you may think, using low hung pendants will make your sitting room seem taller, so if you have your heart set of a pendant light, don’t let the size of your space hold you back. Vertical light beams are another way to create an illusion of height by drawing the focus up in a singular line.

Sitting room lighting with lamps

If you want to mix up the lighting sources in your sitting room, we recommend using a couple of table lamps. Incredibly versatile, they can provide both ambient and task lighting, helping you layer the brightness of the space and create focal points.

As well as being great sources of additional light, table lamps are a great decorative touch for your sitting room. Often designed as one-off artisan pieces, table lamps are a great finishing touch on a mantelpiece or a side table next to the sofa.

What’s more, table lamps are very easy to move. This gives you the freedom to shift things around your sitting room and keep it looking fresh. This way you can take your reading nook across the room for a change of scenery or make your lamp the centre of attention by bringing it to the forefront of the sitting area.

It’s really the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of table lamps that helps pull a sitting room together. You can achieve a sophisticated, classic look by placing two matching lamps symmetrically on both sides of the sofa or both ends of a long side table. For a more whimsical, modern look, you can also scatter your table lamps across your sitting room, placing them next to an eclectic armchair or in a lonely nook that needs some extra light.

Where to find sitting room lighting

From opulent chandeliers to elegant glass pendants and artisan table lamps, our collection of sitting room lighting fixtures has something for every taste and interior décor. Our lights are versatile and incredibly customisable, so if you can't see what you're looking for, just give us a call and we'll make it for you!

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