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The light restorers episode 1: Complete crystal chandelier restoration

Lighting Restoration

The Light Restorers, Fritz Fryer’s all access series into the antique restoration process, has been released to our Youtube and Instagram. 

Learn more about the story behind Episode 1 of the Light Restorers?

In July 2021 we were approached by a customer with a photograph of a very sorry and tired looking crystal chandelier that needed a lot of TLC. This gorgeous antique crystal chandelier arrived to us in hundreds of parts, split between 24 individual boxes, from a manor house in the North of England. The chandelier had been with the same family since the 1870s, so this treasured heirloom was treated with great care. 

The first challenge our restorers faced was to unpack and understand where every individual part of this chandelier belonged. Almost like a puzzle the parts were put together, in a pre-run assembly, so that the restoration team could visualise how the finished light would look, and to discover if any components were missing. Using their extensive joint antique knowledge, old photos of the chandelier and referring to similar lighting of the time, crystal expert Margaret and Senior Restorer James were able to decipher how the light would have originally looked. 

Margaret then began the difficult task of removing all of the metal components from the crystal pieces and individually polishing the crystals, ensuring all residue, dust and finger marks were removed. Polishing the delicate antique crystal takes great care and a keen eye. 

During this time James began to strip the original wiring from the stem and individual arms of the chandelier. Once this task was complete he re-wired and replaced the old lamp holders on the arms of the chandelier, then PAT tested each one to ensure they were safe. The chandelier was then strategically reassembled from the bottom up, and hung in the workshop for James and Margaret to have one final check over. When all the final checks were complete, because of the sheer size of this chandelier, it was then dissembled and packaged ready to be safely delivered back to its original home.


If you have an antique or vintage fitting contact our lighting restoration team today, to discuss how we can help you restore your light to its former glory. 

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