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Unique pendant lights for your home

Our newest design, the Grafton Globe, was conceived as a stunning piece to satisfy the cravings of interior designers and homeowners on the lookout for unique lighting. Perhaps the most versatile part of the Grafton light is the interchangeable glass used for the shade, with each different type adding unique character to your lighting.

Whether you want to add a unique pendant light over your kitchen island, or you’re on the lookout for the best bathroom pendant lights, with the Grafton Globe you can design your own planet, perfectly suited to fit the galaxy of your home interior.

Choosing smoked glass will bring out the frosted lens within your unique lighting, while clear glass allows everyone to see all the stunning features of the Grafton Globe, including the filament of the bulb inside. Both of these bold choices look stunning as unique pendant lights over an island. And if you are wondering how many lights to use over your kitchen island, we suggest opting a row of three!

The unique pendant lights from the Grafton Globe series can also be paired with white glass shades which creates an Art Deco feel, turning the hex bar into a subtle cast shadow and giving the lens a light aqua glow. This particular combination makes for some of the best bathroom pendant lights, creating a magical feeling of floating lights.

The ribbed and skinny ribbed glass shades make for yet another decorative look for these unique pendant lights. Slightly distorting the skeleton and adding an extra dimension to your unique lighting planet, the texture of the ribbed glass still leaves enough of the detail visible to the keen eye.

The most creative amongst lighting enthusiasts also have the option to create truly unique pendant lights by choosing different types of glass for the top and bottom sections to make a customised Grafton globe pendant. Add to this a choice of four metal finishes and numerous flex colours, meaning the possibilities for creating unique lighting are endless.

Shift between styles and find the best fit for your décor – depending on the combinations of glass, finish and flex, you can take the Grafton Globe from Contemporary to Industrial or even Retro, turning it into a truly unique pendant light.

Unique lighting for ceiling and walls

Our Grafton Globe collection is also a great choice if you are looking for designer bathroom wall lights or a designer bathroom ceiling light. Going against the bad reputation most flush to ceiling lights have when it comes to quality and style, the Grafton is lovingly made to complement your space as a stunning, fully customisable flush light on par with designer bathroom lighting.

Perfect for low ceilings and tight spaces, the Grafton Globe makes for a stunning designer bathroom ceiling light, thanks to its fully customisable nature which allows it to be converted for safe bathroom use. The Grafton is a unique lighting solution for spaces where the lighting scheme can create potential headaches, whether that’s IP44 bathroom lighting regulations, or tricky beams in small cottages.

If you are on the lookout for bathroom task lighting to go around your mirror and sink, the Grafton range also offers some stunning designer bathroom wall lights. Choose between four different finishes for the plate and metal work to create unique wall lights, complete with your top pick from our 5 glass shades.

Created as an unique designer bathroom lighting solution, the Grafton Globe range offers a choice of versatile ceiling and wall lights which combine quality with unique lighting style.

The unique lighting inspiration behind our Grafton Globe

The latest passion project of our designers Simon and Andrew, the Grafton Globe, was inspired by the complex mechanisms of antique industrial clocks which have been carefully engineered to keep time in smooth, intricate motions. 

The Grafton Globe collection of unique pendants and wall lights is heavily based on the Orrery, the first mechanical model of the solar system which was built around 1704 as an accurate model of the solar system, displaying the movement of planets around the sun.

Reminiscent of a retro clock table, the internal framework of this unique lighting is shaped like a hexagonal bar - an exceptionally strong structure which forms the framework of the Grafton Globe, in an imitation of the brass rings and hoops found on an Orrery.

The glass lens placed in the centre of the Grafton Globe, meanwhile, mirrors the ‘Ecliptic Plane’ of the Orrery model which was more widely known as the calendar ring since it was commonly engraved with the days of the year and the zodiac.

Whether you are in the market for an unique pendant and wall lights, or you’re just a connoisseur of unique lighting, the Grafton Globe is an extraordinary luminaire which will not disappoint.

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