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It’s undeniable that the furnishings of your coffee shop are a key part of the overall ambiance. However, what really brings the interior décor together are the lighting fixtures – they are the finishing touch that has the power to turn the space into something special.

Coffee shop lighting ideas

The right lighting for coffee shops is the perfect mix between functionality and style. Consider, for example, whether you want the coffee shop to accommodate avid readers or offer more of a lounge atmosphere. This would determine how much light you need and guide you in creating the layout for your coffee shop lighting fixtures.

Once you’ve ticked all the functional boxes, think about how the lighting in your coffee shop will make customers feel. You want coffee shop lighting which makes a lasting impression and gives visitors an idea of your brand identity at a glance.

The most successful coffee shop lighting concepts are created to make a statement about the character of your café while also welcoming new and returning customers inside for a cuppa and a treat. Here’s some ways to draw visitors in:

Lounge coffee shop style lighting

If you’re looking to create a lounge atmosphere, the key thing to remember is the vibe you want to achieve. Think relaxation and chill music playing in the background, the whole place illuminated by unobtrusive lights.

For this type of café, we suggest choosing coffee shop lighting fixtures with larger shades – this way you keep the brightness from irritating the eyes of visitors while also creating a more intimate, low key atmosphere.

Consider also how the lighting in your coffee shop works with the furniture in the space. Diffused light coming out of elegant pendants is the perfect match for Chesterfield leather sofas, armchairs and lounge chairs.

Depending on the overall interior design style, you can pick between a clear glass, smoked or ceramic shade and match these with a choice of metal finishes (brass, bronze, copper, etc.). Our Glass Pendant Ceiling Light, for instance, adds a touch of understated style when hung above a coffee table or a lounge chair.

Coffee shop lighting fixtures for readers

On the other hand, if you aspire to be a café catering to visitors who love a good book with their coffee, we would advise taking extra care to choose coffee shop lighting designs that provide sufficient light for reading.

What’s more, be extra generous with the placement of your coffee shop lighting fixtures – place at least one above each piece of furniture (armchairs, sofas, lounge chairs) to ensure readers have plenty of choice when it comes to seating. Again, pendants are a great choice, and they can be grouped together in clusters to add extra brightness.

Unlike the lounge coffee shop style lighting, which leans heavily towards more subdued lights and opaque shades, readers’ cafés are the perfect setting for clear glass shade lights. This type of shade allows the light to spread throughout the space, providing sufficient brightness to read by and creating a cosy ambience.

Coffee shop lighting designs

Don’t have a clear allegiance when it comes to lounge vs reading café style? No problem. An alternative way to break down coffee shop lighting is by the type of lighting fixture. Take a look at some of the main categories below – these should make your choice easier and provide some inspiration for the lighting in your coffee shop.

Pendant lighting for coffee shops

When it comes to modern coffee shop lighting, pendants are leading the way as the preferred choice. In addition to looking super slick arranged in a row along the window seats, pendant lights make fantastic coffee shop counter lighting – just picture those beautifully illuminated food displays!

Equal parts elegant and trendy, pendant lighting has a number of versatile uses in a coffee shop. From hanging over individual seating areas to adding an extra layer of light to the entrance or checkout counter, pendants bring a warm, relaxed atmosphere into any space.

What’s more, pendant lighting for coffee shops comes in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, so you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your interior design, regardless of whether you’re going for a traditional or a modern vibe.

For instance, if you aspire to channel the look of a Parisian café or have your heart set on an American diner feel, you can play around with metal finish materials such as brass, copper and aluminium.

Wall lighting in coffee shops

This style ties back to the idea of creating cosy nooks for avid readers to enjoy a good book with a cup of coffee. Picture this: wall lights arranged above various seating areas across the café, boosting the overall ambience and bringing brightness to every corner.

Once again, there’s plenty of scope for different coffee shop lighting concepts – play around with the direction of wall lights to create a unique look. As well as perching next to coffee tables and creating a soft, calm atmosphere, wall fixtures are another great choice for coffee shop counter lighting.

Available in a variety of styles, with and without shades, wall lights can act as a focal point themselves or illuminate interesting features on the café walls. The sky is the limit when it comes to coffee shop lighting ideas using this style fixture: you can highlight art and photographs hanging on the walls, or even turn them into a spotlight over your menu board.

The three main types of lighting for a coffee shop

Ambient lighting is at the core of your coffee shop lighting design. It helps ensure that the whole space is equally illuminated and creates a base upon which you can build with accent lights. What’s more, it’s the role of this type of lighting in a coffee shop to make the space welcoming and cosy.

Accent coffee shop lighting, meanwhile, allows you to show off the best features of your café – place accent lights along the outline of the space to highlight architectural features, showcase artwork and accessories or even turn the spotlight on your featured treats.

Last but not least, you can use decorative coffee shop style lighting as a companion to the overall interior design theme of the café. Elaborate pendant lights, clusters and even chandeliers are the go-to coffee shop lighting fixtures in this instance.


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