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  • Crystal chandelier restoration – including cleaning, repairs, repining and rewiring. 
  • Antique Lighting Restoration of period and reclaimed light fittings
  • Rewiring
  • Metal finishing (including silver plate repair and gold leafing)
  • Casting
  • Lacquering
  • Sandblasting
  • Specialist advice




lighting services standards

  • Our talented lighting restorers work to the highest standards .
  • All lighting components used are of the highest quality and sourced from within the UK wherever possible.
  • All our restored electrical fittings are PAT tested.
  • All restoration is completed as authentically as possible giving full consideration to current British/EU standards.  Antique light fittings being restored fall outside of the LVD (Low Voltage Directive) and Luminaire safety standard = EN 60598-1 as they are not new to market.  However, all repair work is done following these same standards wherever possible. Occasionally an inherent design feature may make it impossible for a restored fitting to comply with every element of the modern safety standards (e.g. the base weight of a delicate antique table lamp might cause it to fail the modern standards regarding stability). 
  • We will never complete cleaning alone on a chandelier or other light fitting which we deem upon inspection to be unsafe or which fails a PAT test (e.g. not earthed, not double insulated, degraded components, general poor electrical safety).  We will insist upon rewiring the fitting to make it safe or that the fitting is collected without the work being done. 




  • Estimates are estimates!

    Prior to inspecting the light it is impossible to predict the unexpected. Upon commencing the work, if there are any unexpected additional costs (which increase the estimated cost by 15% or more) we will contact you to confirm what action you'd like to take. Unfortunately the nature of antique restoration means that unanticipated complications do occasionally occur.
  • Collection

    If you can't collect your item within 1 month of restoration, we can arrange short term storage at our premises (space permitting) for a small weekly charge based upon size. Any item not collected within 1 month without prior agreement for storage will be subject to a charge of £10 per week for fittings up to 1m x 1m and £25 a week for larger items.
  • Insurance

    It is a mandatory requirement that any item left with or collected by us for repair is covered by the customers own insurance and left with us entirely at the customers own risk.