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Silver Surfer

If Simon's out of the office he's either working on-site on a lighting design or catching waves at Llangennith (stilling hoping to get tubed even if he's had to drop the 'before 50).


Here's a chance to get to know Simon a little better!
How long have you been working here?

Karen and I first came across Fritz Fryer when we purchased some lights from Margaret, who still works for us, during the renovation of our Herefordshire cottage.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Thurmaston, Leicestershire and then moved to Queniborough where I grew up.  

What's your favourite contemporary light from your collection?

I love working on bespoke design projects, so it has to be one of those.  My favourite ever was a Bespoke design car chandelier that we designed for a very good customer as a special commission for his son.

Chocolate or Cheese?

I've got a sweet tooth so it has to be chocolate, although I do love a bit of cheese.

What's your favourite YouTube video?

Well it's not really my favourite, but I really have to pick this...