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Original reclaimed vintage lighting exclusives are perfect for lovers of Retro styling. Our quality UK made fixtures are available in a variety of styles that suit café, restaurant, bar and hotel lighting interiors as well as a range of home décors.

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What is vintage lighting?

Born from the discovery of electricity, what we now refer to as vintage lighting was a then-novel way of housing the electric bulb in glass and metal shades, mirroring the style of candle holders. Between 1890 and 1920, interiors as a whole saw a number of changes, which paved the way for the growing demand for new lighting designs post 1920.

Lighting brands across the industry were competing to create stunning designs that would last. And last they did – many of them until present day. This is how a number of gorgeous vintage lights end up in the capable hands of our team, where they are reclaimed for contemporary use.

Being vintage, however, is not simply a matter of what time period the light was made in. It’s also indicative of the superior quality of the materials used to create the fittings, and the elegant design of the shades. Standards which were regrettably pushed aside as light manufacturing picked up speed and the focus shifted to more profitable short-term design trends.

The appeal of vintage lighting

Far from being simply a light source, vintage lighting adds a unique ambience to the space, creating depth and highlighting the focal points of your home. Incorporating signature retro elements such as candlesticks, chrome detailing, frills and elaborate lamps, our vintage lighting collection offers a choice of fixtures to suit your interior décor.

Vintage lighting can be used as a statement piece itself, or to help elaborate another focal point in the room. Place an ornate retro lamp on a wooden cabinet as a finishing touch, or hang a vintage pendant light over an accent chair to highlight its unique character. The possibilities for decorating with vintage lighting are endless.

Let’s look at some of the ways to enhance the styling of a room using vintage lights:

Vintage lighting for bathroom

As one of the key spaces in any home, the bathroom requires particular attention to detail when it comes to lighting. If your bathroom is done up in an Edwardian or Victorian style, complete with a roll top claw foot bath, having a vintage lighting fixture to match is a must.

However, the uses of retro lights are not limited to period homes. You can transform the look of any bathroom (big or small) with a vintage bathroom light. One thing you would need to consider is making sure the fixtures you choose are deemed safe for bathroom use.

A special IP44 rating is required for the zones closest to water sources, but most of our non-IP rated vintage lights can be installed outside these zones or adapted to bathroom safety regulations. Take a look at our collection of stylish retro lighting and talk to us about making your favourite piece work in a bathroom setting.

Vintage lighting for bedrooms

A vintage lighting fixture is also perfect if you want to add character to your bedroom and transform the space into a retro haven. A few carefully selected statement pieces can drastically change the vibe of the room.

Here’s a couple of vintage bedroom lighting ideas you can try:

· Nautical night time: if your bedroom is short on space, consider channelling the nautical look with a bulkhead retro wall light reminiscent of a ship’s portholes.

· Bedside accent: another way to maximise the space in your bedroom is replacing the lights on your nightstands with vintage wall fixtures. This way you’ll both spruce up the walls and clear up room on your bedside table, making the room appear both stylish and clutter-free.

· Back to the future: a brass retro shade is the perfect way to introduce a trendy wall metallic finish light to your bedroom while keeping in tune with the vintage aesthetics.

· Pools of light: recreate the vibe of a Victorian-style bedroom choosing candle sconces wall lights over more contemporary alternatives. Especially well-suited for large bedrooms, this style vintage lights will create gentle pools of light across the space, creating a feeling of comfort and intimacy.

You can also make your bedroom lighting the highlight of the room by choosing a statement centrepiece that will draw in the attention. An elaborate vintage pendant light or an antique chandelier will transform the space from bland to brilliant.

Vintage lighting for living room & dining room

Our collection of exquisite vintage lights features fine glass shades, brass fixtures and table lamps infused with character. The retro pieces make a perfect addition to dining and living rooms alike, taking pride of place above the dining table, along the wall or placed atop the mantelpiece.

Available in a selection of designs and finishes, our vintage lighting is versatile enough to suit both traditional dining rooms and the trendy industrial living rooms now seen in many homes. Whatever your interior design style, we have retro lights to fit the look and help you recreate the desired period vibe.

Vintage lighting for kitchen

Vintage lighting can also find a home as feature lighting in your kitchen. A bold move away from ceiling spotlights and the common modern fixtures we see in most style guides, our retro lights will breathe life into your kitchen, grabbing the gaze with their unique character and opulent curves.

Here’s some ways to incorporate vintage lighting into your kitchen for a look that’s both airy and aesthetic:

· Vintage ceiling lights: create contrast in your kitchen by juxtaposing modern cabinets, worktops and splashback with a vintage ceiling light. The clean lines of the cabinets and the spotless splashback will be the perfect backdrop for the opulent curves and intricate detail of an antique chandelier or a vintage pendant light.

· Back to back brass: in line with the return of the metallic finish, you can create a cohesive by introducing brass details across your kitchen, such as cabinet hinges and handles, and matching them with a retro brass pendant light.

· French Frills: Ceramics connoisseurs who have exquisite items displayed around their kitchen our vintage French style lights, featuring frilled shades that will subtly mirror the soft shades and shapes of their collectables.

Vintage lighting for kitchen island

If you are on the lookout for vintage pendant lighting to hang above your kitchen island, you have a few stunning options to choose from. Symmetrically spaced Edison bulbs will lend the space a stripped back aesthetic and keep the area above the island from looking crowded by allowing for a clear field of vision.

A pair or a row of retro café lights hung above your kitchen island, on the other hand, is a perfect way to introduce an art-deco touch to a modern interior. Channelling the retro look of old-fashioned coffeehouses, cinemas and schools, the Art Deco lights from our vintage lighting collection will bathe your kitchen island in soft warm glow and add a touch of classic elegance to the space with their opal glass shades.

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