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A modern take on the iconic chandelier, cluster pendant lights consist of several smaller pendants to create a collective bunch. Most definitely stronger together, cluster pendants add style, glamour and ambiance to any space.

What are cluster pendant lights? 

Cluster pendant lights make an impressive design statement.  If you have an awkward space to fill, such as a stairwell which features a large drop on multiple levels, the versatility of a custom made cluster pendant light is the perfect solution. 

Why choose cluster pendant lighting?

There are many advantages of cluster pendant lights, but their popularity derives largely from the fact that they can be customised to so many different sizes, styles and shapes.  From a small 3-way cluster pendant to a huge, multi level, bespoke chandelier with more than 20 pendants, they all look stunning.

Most of our pendants can be used to form clusters, featuring either a single shape or, for a more eclectic look, different pendants within the cluster.

5 looks for cluster pendant lights

  1. The glass globe cluster pendant light, an extremely popular choice, is made of a selection of gorgeous fritz fryer glass shades. It works particularly well in stairwells, as a unique source of lighting in an often darker area of a home. Here is an example of a very large cluster pendant light installed in an office stairwell which features our Hereford glass globe pendants.
  2. Another popular style of cluster pendant light, is a row of three pendants above a kitchen table or island. This beautiful shaker-style kitchen features our Ledbury glass pendant lights.
  3. For a smaller space such as over a bed, a pretty cluster of 3 pendants, formed in a dish shape, makes an attractive feature.
  4. To achieve a more industrial look, hanging a cluster pendant light from a metal conduit is both sleek and stylish, while still offering a strong, feature look. This custom, made for a client of Wellington glass pendants, proved to be a particular favourite amongst the Fritz Fryer team.
  5. And finally, a spectacular barn conversion cluster. We often have customers that are looking to fill the potentially daunting space that comes with a double height barn conversion. A multi pendant cluster chandelier is a fantastic way to fill larger spaces with greater ceiling heights.


How to hang cluster pendant lights?

Hanging a cluster pendant light is almost entirely dependent on the space you have, your ceiling and where in the home the cluster pendant light is being installed. While most homes are different, we do have a standard practice that will take place in the process of installing a cluster pendant light. 

There are four ways we could install a cluster pendant light, here is how its done;

Flush to Ceiling Plate

  • Each pendant is measured to it's set length, however we supply an extra metre above each one if you wish to change the heights.
  •  Your electrician will put these feeds into a connector box that would then be connected to your main electrical feed.
  •  Conceal all the excess flex into the void.
  •  Screw the plate to the joists via the fixing holes (would you be able to confirm the width between the joists - standard is 400mm from centre to centre). If the joists do not form a central location, your electrician will need to install noggins so that the plate can be secured in the correct position on the ceiling.
  • Put light bulbs in and test it.


Straight into Ceiling

  • Insert Plywood between the joists in your loft space. 
  • Using a setting out drawing, which we will supply you with, drill a hole for each of the pendants directly through the ceiling and plywood to the void above.
  • Feed each of the individually  numbered flexes up through these holes to the marked stop point.
  • To prevent the flexes pulling back through the hole attach a cable clamp (we will supply one with each pendant)
  • Make the electrical connection to the main feed and then pull all the flexes into the void.
  • Put light bulbs in and test it.

How far apart should you space cluster pendant lights?

Well that's down to the cluster pendant light that you like. Whether you are featuring large glass hereford globes, or wanting to stagger wellingtons down your stairwell, this is included in the design process and we can sort this for you. 

How far down should cluster pendant lights hang over an island?

Our suggestion is that you hang your cluster pendant light a little higher than you may originally think, so you walk underneath it and don't accidentally bump into it! As a rule of thumb, the bottom of the pendant should measure between 1.75m and 1.8m from the floor. This to us is perfect for illuminating the kitchen island but also low enough for your guests to see it and be wowed.

How do I choose a kitchen cluster pendant light?

Start by asking yourself what you are trying to achieve with your cluster pendant light. Is it to be a super efficient lighting for above an island? 

If this is the case, consider a dish formation which will cast light over a larger area. This formation also works particularly well in spaces with less ceiling height. 

Is the purpose of your cluster pendant light to create a centerpiece that layers the light within the kitchen? A staggered formation cluster pendant light is recommended for kitchens with larger ceiling heights than most. The staggered formation layers the light in an interesting and unique way, casting light from from the ceiling, down to the lowest point.

Can you hang a cluster pendant light over a bathtub?

Yes you can but there are a few safety measures you need to consider before doing so. A cluster pendant light that is in a bathroom will inevitably be within close proximity of a water source. Bathroom zones must be taken into consideration when contemplating installing a cluster pendant light in the bathroom. As Long as the light is placed outside of zone 1 and is in either zone 2 or 3, we can offer you a IP44 cluster pendant light. This will ensure that the pendant light is safe for bathroom conditions. For a better understanding with bathroom zones, take a look at our IP44 blog

Are cluster pendant lights going out of style?

Cluster pendant lights are a great way to keep up with the trend. The option to completely customise your cluster pendant light means you can keep it current and select a flex colour and glass finish that is currently trending. We are confident that an exquisite cluster feature light will never stop wowing the guests! 

How do you cluster a pendant light? 

We have the perfect combination with our onsite workshop and designers who are professionals at cluster pendant lighting, you tell us how many lights and how high your ceiling height is and we will create the perfect cluster pendant light for you.

3 or more pendant lights is considered a cluster chandelier. Stick with a lovely small 3-way cluster or go large and add as many as you’d like.

Do cluster pendant lights provide enough light? 

Yes, if not more! One electrical point typically lights a singular pendant, while a cluster pendant light can range from three pendants to as many as you can fit in your space, all from one electrical point. It is a fantastic way to introduce lots of light into the home, in a gorgeous and unique way.

How big should cluster pendant lights be?

That’s a good question! Our cluster pendant lights are completely tailored to you, depending on the amount of space you have, and whether you want a statement or something sleek and subtle.

How long does it take to deliver my cluster pendant light

The delivery time for a cluster pendant light can differ depending on the light that you order. A standard cluster pendant light, ordered from the website, will have a delivery time of 4 - 6 weeks. Delivery of a completely bespoke cluster will range from 6 - 8 weeks.

Need help with your cluster pendant light?

We are always happy to help with your order! Providing you with showstopping lighting is a priority, but your shopping experience is just as important. Get in contact with our designers, to start your cluster pendant light project.

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