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A modern take on the iconic chandelier, cluster pendant lights consist of several smaller pendants to create a collective bunch. Most definitely stronger together, cluster pendants add style, glamour and ambiance to any space.

Multi pendant cluster chandeliers make an impressive design statement.  If you have an awkward space to fill, such as a stairwell which features a large drop on multiple levels, the versatility of a custom made cluster chandelier is the perfect solution.

There are many advantages of multi-pendant chandeliers, but their popularity derives largely from the fact that they can be customised to so many different sizes, styles and shapes.  From a small 3-way cluster pendant to a huge, multi level, bespoke chandelier with more than 20 pendants, they all look stunning.

Most of our pendants can be used to form clusters, featuring either a single shape or, for a more eclectic look, different pendants within the cluster.

5 looks for multi-pendant chandeliers

  1. Glass Globe Pendant Chandelier - our most popular cluster chandeliers are those made using glass globe pendants.  They work particularly well in stairwells and a mixture of clear and ribbed glass options is always popular.  Here is an example of a very large chandelier installed in an office stairwell which features our Hereford Glass Globe Pendants
  2. Another very popular style is to hang multiple pendant lights, usually 3 in a row, over a kitchen table or island.  This beautiful shaker-style kitchen features our Ledbury glass pendant lights.
  3. For a smaller space, such as over a bed, a pretty cluster of 3 pendants, formed in a dish shape, makes an attractive feature.
  4. If you prefer a more industrial lighting look, how about hanging your cluster of pendants from a metal conduit?  Sleek and stylish but offering a very strong, feature look.  Here's an example we made for a client using our Wellington glass pendant lights, which proved to be a particular favourite amongst the Fritz Fryer team.
  5. And to end with the spectacular.... the barn conversion cluster!  We often have customers looking to fill the potentially daunting space offered by a double height barn conversion and a multi pendant cluster chandelier is the perfect option.  Offering endless choices to really fill the height and space, look no further than a cluster chandelier.


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