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If you are looking for a unique light unlike any other, then browse the Fritz Fryer bespoke lighting collection which offers one off lighting pieces from every era. We also offer a bespoke lighting service so if you have an idea in mind or need to alter one of our fittings, please give us a call to chat it through.


We love custom made, bespoke lighting at Fritz Fryer.  All our contemporary lights are designed and hand made by us so we can tweak the designs to suit your style, or make you something totally unique.  Do you have a difficult space you need to light, or are you looking for a stunning feature light for your stairwell or kitchen?  Our bespoke lighting service offers the chance for you to customize a particular light to your preferred style or to ask us to design something original. Most of our bespoke lights can be adapted to suit a particular room as we can offer different length and colour flexes, or adapt our fittings to suit you. Whether it’s a modern or vintage look you are choosing for, our exciting collection will give you a taste of just what we can achieve.

The Fritz Fryer story began with antique lighting, which we still love restoring and bringing back to life, so our design team and workshop have all the necessary technical skills and contacts to create the potential antiques of the future when working on your custom designs.

But can I afford bespoke, custom made lighting?
Because all our light fixtures are made by us, by hand in our workshop, it really doesn't have to be expensive to customise your own fitting.  Many lighting designs can be done by adapting something we have made before.  Some complicated or radical designs require more time and special skills or processes which can be prohibitively expensive for just one or two fittings, but we are always very happy to let you know exactly what we can do and how much it is going to cost.  The best way to make your dream of a custom light fixture reality, is to give us a call.