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Our extensive collection of pendant lighting includes something for everyone.  Modern, designer, contemporary or traditional, retro and vintage - we've got them all.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements.  If you can't see what you're looking for, we also specialise in bespoke design.

What is Pendant lighting?

Pendant lighting can act as a beautiful focal point for your space or a subtle hint of sleek, contemporary design, that will elevate your room. Our pendant lights are suspended by your choice of flex fabric cable, made from braided silk.

What designers influenced our pendant lighting?

Simon Wallis-Smith and his influences.

Much of our inspiration comes from the beautiful antique and vintage light fittings and chandeliers that we have been restoring since the 1980s.  Through his love of quality antique fittings Simon has developed a passion for high end bespoke design.  He has always loved clocks and watches, the intricate details of the engineered parts often form the basis for a lighting design idea.

The local area of Herefordshire also acts as a huge inspiration for our lights, with all our collections being named after places in and around Herefordshire. From the Wye Valley pendant and the Sellack lantern to the simple Hereford globe light, there are so many options to choose from, we are running out of towns and villages to name our pendants after.

What are our pendant lights made from?

Our lights are customisable to suit you, giving you the ability to choose your favourite glass, metal finish and flex cable colour.

The lights are made from Borosilicate glass, which includes silica and boron trioxide as it’s main ingredients. The composition of chemicals within this glass make it able to withstand extreme changes in temperature - perfect for lights!

Here at Fritz Fryer we offer our pendant lights in the following metal finishes;

  • Bronze 
  • Nickel 
  • Antique Brass
  • Polished Brass

Have a read of our metal finishes brochure for more information.

We also offer 21 choices of flex. (Picture of flex cables or link to sample box)

Top 3 spots for pendant lighting?

Pendant lights can make ultimate bedside  lights perfect for a late night spot of reading, or  a great centerpiece for the middle of the guest room.

Evenly spaced along the hallway and combined with the right bulb pendants can illuminate the hallway not only practically but with a stylish twist too!

Pendants are a great feature point within a kitchen typically used within a row of three over the island, they are a great addition when supported by spot lights. 

Take a look at our blog explaining just how to light your kitchen island

  •       Bathroom (dependant on IP44 rating)

Most of our pendant lights can be used within a bathroom and can Come IP44 rated (suitable for zone 2)  

Take a look at our blog explaining all you need to know, where and when you need to use IP44 lighting


What style are our Pendant lights in?

Our Pendant lights offer a modern, contemporary style. The contemporary interior design style favours minimalism and incorporates sleek, beautiful simplicity. 

If a contemporary style pendant lighting isn’t for you, we also offer many styles of antique pendant lights. [our pendant lights in antique styles]. Antique pendants lighting offers a fantastic addition to any room in your home, starting with simple pretty pendant lights to larger utilitarian offerings.

Famous Pendant light designers

Where would we be without the influential Pendant light designers of the past? Those who paved the way for innovation and creative expression in lighting design are the foundation to our modern designs, here at Fritz. We want to take the time to briefly appreciate the history of the modern pendant light, and the designers that inspire us.

In 1958, Poul Henningson of Louis Poulsen designed the PH5 Pendant light. This fixture is iconic for its three reflective shades and creatively modern look. 

Flos, a lighting design company founded in 1962, consists of numerous iconic designers that have produced countless beautiful pendant lights - many of which are displayed in museums such as; the MoMA in New York and the V & A, London.

What IP rating do our pendant lights have?

Standard pendants have IP20 rating, so they are not suitable to be around water. For more information on Ip ratings, take a look at our blog on IP ratings.



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