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Pendant lights over a Kitchen Island

Inspirational Customers' Houses

Pendant lights over a Kitchen Island make a great feature.  Not only are they very attractive, but functional too.  Here are two very large, beautiful kitchens but glass pendants look lovely over an island of any size.  The first kitchen features beautiful glass pendant lights made from our Upton ribbed glass shades, all handmade in the UK.  This impressive kitchen is nearly finished and, we like to think, the lighting makes just the right statement.  Thanks to the kind customer who sent us the photos, we always love to see our lights installed in peoples' homes.

The second of these beautiful kitchens feature our Wye Valley Pendant Lights, a traditional prismatic glass light with a slightly more industrial shade.

Always remember when lighting a kitchen island to ensure you have sufficient ambient and task lighting.  If choosing a non glass pendant light to hang over your kitchen island, such as an industrial enamel shade, you need to make sure you have sufficient lighting in other areas as all the light will be directed down onto the island.